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Russ - If I Died ft. Bugus [Stream & Download]

“If I died would you feel like crying?” This is just one of the many questions posed by Russ in his latest loosie, following up last week’s reader-approved 99. Over the soulful sounds of “one of [his]... Read More

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Russ - Shootin Up ft. Bugus [Stream & Download]

Booth favorite Russ is back and “Shootin Up this motherf**ker” on yet another loosie, just a week after the reader approved Out of Tune. Self-produced as usual, the RapBox Freestyle alum also brings along fellow... Read More

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Russ ft. Bugus - Talk Up [Stream & Download]

Considering the frequency of Russ’s Booth appearances lately—he had not one but two features last week—it’s somewhat alarming that we’ve made it to Wednesday without hearing from the Top Prospect. Thankfully, you... Read More

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Russ x Bugus - California [Stream & Download]

DIEMON artists Russ and Bugus have found inspiration in their new home state. Originally from Georgia, the pair, along with other members of their independent record label, relocated to California to jump start their... Read More

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Bugus ft. Russ - Back to America [Stream & Download]

What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? Chilling with the family? Oh, that’s nice. DIEMON labelmates Bugus and Russ are celebrating by playing a show in (motherf**king) Paris, France. Yeah, I’m jealous,... Read More

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Bugus - Ain’t Nothin’ That I Can’t Do [Stream]

When you’ve got drive and passion, anything is possible. OK, walking through walls and shooting lasers from your eyes might present some difficulties… but now I’m just being a smartass. On his latest promo... Read More

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Bugus - Black Magic [Stream]

Here in the Booth, we feature a cavalcade of high-caliber cuts every day, but how many of ‘em are truly dope enough to leave listeners spellbound? To answer my own rhetorical question, not very many.  On... Read More

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Russ ft. John Anthony & Bugus - Reality Kings [Stream & Download]

After moonlighting as one of many Gods Of Bingo on his last Vacation release, DIEMON crew representer Russ returns to our pages for his authentically real cut Reality Kings. From being short a few bucks to dish out to ones... Read More

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Russ ft. Bugus & John Anthony - Gods of Bingo [Stream & Download]

Thought winning big at your local bingo parlor was simply a matter of luck and vocal projection? Well, you’re right—that’s pretty much all there is to it. As such, it’s doubtful that Russ’ latest... Read More

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Bugus - 187 [Stream & Download]

On Bugus’ last feature, he pondered a question first posed by the immortal Tupac Shakur, wondering “Is there heaven for a G?” While his latest promo single, 187, draws its name from the section of the California... Read More

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Bugus - Heaven For A G [Stream & Download]

Although the Tupac Shakur record of the same name was released well over a decade ago, Atlanta emcee Bugus is out to prove that there still is a Heaven For A G on his album Bombs Over Babylon’s latest single. The young... Read More

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Bugus - Art Money Trees [Stream]

Art, Money and Trees—Bugus’ Holy Trinity. On a brand new single, released along with visuals by Gavin Guidry, the ATL underground emcee pays lyrical tribute to the three commodities nearest and dearest to his... Read More

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Russ ft. Bugus & Dartlin - Elevator [Stream & Download]

Elevator, going up! On the first solo feature from Russ (previously heard contributing guest vocals to cuts by Bugus and Dartlin) the Diemon signee does double-duty on the mic and behind the boards, serving up a hazy synth... Read More

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Bugus ft. Russ - Us Against the World [Stream & Download]

Recenty heard rhyming alongside Diemon labelmate Dartlin on Eclipse, Bugus steps back into the solo spotlight with new promo single Us Against the World. Here, the ATL buzzmaker juxtaposes his early dreams of rap stardom with... Read More

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Dartlin ft. Bugus & Russ - Eclipse [Stream & Download]

Introduced to our readership via October 2011’s Way Too Long, Dartlin makes his triumphant return to our pages with newly-leaked promo single Eclipse. This slow-rolling motivational banger finds the rpaper/producer... Read More

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Bugus - Slow Down Time [Stream & Download]

We’ve all wished we could Slow Down Time on occasion, whether to pack more productivity into a hectic day or to spend more hours with loved ones. On Bugus’ latest promo single, the Atlanta emcee fantasizes about... Read More

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Bugus - G’s Up, Hoes Down [Stream & Download]

In a bonus track off 1993’s Doggystyle, Snoop posed the question of ‘G’z versus hoes, coming down firmly on the “G” side of the equation. On Booth newcomer Bugus’ G’s Up Hoes Down,... Read More

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