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Ryan Leslie - Sounds ft. Bobby V [Stream]

Last weekend, Ryan Leslie celebrated the Fourth of July by releasing his new album, MZRT. One of the standout selections from the project is Sounds, an R&B collabo with fellow veteran Bobby V. Over his own production,... Read More

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Bobby V - Hollywood Hearts [Stream]

This fall, veteran R&B singer Bobby V will make his acting debut. Still several months before it’s wide release, the former DTP singer has unveiled the film’s title track, Hollywood Hearts. Produced by... Read More

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Bobby V. - Unbelievable [Stream & Download]

Every so often, I hear a slow-jam so smooth it’s literally Unbelievable, and I have to run it right back just to make sure my ears aren’t deceiving me. Bobby V.’s latest effort is one such jam and, after giving it a... Read More

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Bobby V - PBJ [Stream & Download]

When I think about PBJ, my mind conjures up images of brown bags and elementary-school cafeterias. Bobby V... well, the ideas he associates with the classic sandwich are a little more adult. On his latest single, the Blu... Read More

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Bobby V x Marley Waters - Trippy [Stream]

Lately, Bobby V. has been exhibiting the telltale symptoms of an addiction: euphoria, reckless spending, obsessive thought processes, the works. It’s not a chemical substance that’s got him feeling “Trippy all... Read More

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Bobby V - Never Give Up [Stream]

Feeling gloomy about your romantic prospects after spending yet another Valentine’s Day solo? Had your heart broken so many times you’re not sure you can bear to risk it again? Bobby V‘s got a message for... Read More

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Bobby V - Peach Moon (Vibes, Moods, Moments) EP [Album]

R&B hitmaker Bobby V has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Peach Moon (Vibes, Moods, Moments) EP. The first EP of his career and his first non-mixtape release since last year’s Dusk Till Dawn, it... Read More

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Bobby V - Who Am I to Change [Stream]

Bobby V‘s new EP is just a week away from release, but lead single Back to Love remains our first and only featured track off the project. To rectify that, he’s liberated one more cut—not an official single,... Read More

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Bobby V - Back to Love [Stream]

Bobby V.‘s last feature, fall 2012’s Role Play, saw the R&B heavyweight and his girl adding a little spice to their sex life by trying out a variety of different characters. On freshly-minted EP single Back to... Read More

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Bobby V ft. Red Cafe - Role Play [Stream]

With the holidays right around the corner many of you will be invited to family parties and gatherings, which means that you’ll need some new music in your arsenal to impress the relatives and keep the party rocking.... Read More

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Bobby V - Dusk Til Dawn [Album]

In a music game largely dominated by harder hip-hop sounds, R&B heavyweight Bobby V has dedicated himself to bringing listeners music they can enjoy with that special someone by their side. The R&B heavyweight has now... Read More

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Bobby V ft. K Michelle - Put It In [Stream]

From the title of Bobby V‘s newest single, Put It In, it’s fairly easy to see which direction this one’s going and that is straight to the bedroom. Joined by songstress K. Michelle, the former Mista songster... Read More

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Bobby V - Ooh (She Got Me Like) [Stream]

In the visuals for his latest single, Ooh (She Got Me Like), Atlanta crooner Bobby V proves that just about everyone can enjoy a little time in the strip club. Known for lacing a record with his silky vocals no matter what... Read More

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Bobby V ft. Lil Wayne - Mirror [Stream]

When Bobby V. looks in the Mirror, what does he see? Apparently, the answer is “a dude having sex.” On the latest single off his fifth full-length, the R&B hitmaker reveals just how much he enjoys watching... Read More

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Bobby V - When Im Up In It [Stream]

Judging on the R&B heavyweight’s sexually-preoccupied musical output, you might assume that Bobby V is all about the physical when it comes to choosing a mate. Not so; on new mixtape leak When Im Up In It, he voices... Read More

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Bobby V ft. Meek Mill & 2 Chainz - Drop It [Stream]

Still riding high off the success of senior set Fly on the Wall (released in March), Bobby V. is getting ready to release a little something to tide fans over till the 2012 arrival of his fifth LP. The latest leak off the... Read More

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Bobby V - Naked [Stream]

True fact number one: Apparently there’s an English violinist named Bobby Valentino that’s not particularly into sharing his name, hence the Special Occasion crooner’s name change to Bobby V. True fact number two: Bobby... Read More

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Bobby V ft. R. Kelly - Words (Remix) [Stream]

Yes, yes. We know that Bobby V. dropped Fly on the Wall today, so fans of Mr. Valentino have already checked out most of the album already. What what we have in store for you today, however, didn’t make it onto the... Read More

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Bobby V ft. Lloyd Banks - Hummin [Stream]

No longer satisfied to confine his musical experiments to the studio, Bobby V.‘s now looking to expand the aural possibilities of the bedroom. Following in the footsteps of R. Kelly, who set out to make a woman yodel... Read More

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Bobby V - Rock Wit’ Cha [Stream]

With his last feature, Bobby V harked back to ‘94, flipping the Bone Thugs’ Foe the Love of $ into a smooth R&B freestyle. On his new single, the Blu Kolla crooner does himself one better, traveling all the... Read More

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Bobby V ft. CyHi Da Prynce - Gotta Get Dat Money [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Released in ‘94 as the second single off the Bone Brothers’ debut set, Foe the Love of $ may be the smoothest, most sensual ode to the Almighty Dollar ever recorded; thus it could hardly be a better fit for Bobby... Read More

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Bobby V ft. 50 Cent - Alter Ego [Stream]

OK, you may want to sit down for this one. On Alter Ego, the second half of Bobby V‘s new dual single (see also Words), the Blu Kolla crooner reveals a shocking secret: “I can’t lie, I like to have sex.”... Read More

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Bobby V - Words [Stream]

Ever thought about how ironic it is that the axiom “Actions speak louder than words” is itself made up of, well, Words? Unless you’re communicating in sign-language… or hieroglyphics. OK, maybe I’m... Read More

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Bobby V ft. Plies - Phone # [Stream]

Maybe it’s because I still have PTSD from the travesty that was Tipsy Texting, but any song with phone sound effects instantly makes me cringe. Thankfully Bobby V’s new Phone #, the first single off his upcoming album,... Read More

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Bobby V ft. Nicki Minaj - Stilettos & T-Shirt [Stream]

There are only a few certainties in hip-hop: A Jay-Z album will be a hit, DJ Khaled will scream every chance he gets, and people will listen to any track featuring Nicki Minaj that contains the word “stilettos.”... Read More

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Bobby V ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Party, Party, Party [Stream]

After years of putting in work for the DTP family, young crooner Bobby V announced to our very own DJ Z that he was leaving Luda’s label to pursue the independent grind, a so far successful career choice that now brings us... Read More

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Playaz Circle ft. Bobby V - I Can’t Remember [Stream]

In keeping with the travel-themed title of their forthcoming sophomore album, Titi Boi and Dolla of Playaz Circle have dedicated this newly-leaked potential single to a woman they met in a faraway land—though they admit... Read More

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Lil Boosie ft. Bobby V - Nobody [Stream]

With Booth-acclaimed motivational jam Better Believe It currently being promoted as the lead single off Lil’ Boosie‘s forthcoming sophomore album, Asylum Records have leaked another potential hit they hope will... Read More

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Bobby V ft. Rick Ross & Jim Jones - Butterfly Tattoo (Remix) [Stream]

Exactly six months ago today, the Booth featured Butterfly Tattoo, the then-planned second single off Bobby V‘s junior album (and independent debut), The Rebirth.  Though Hands On Me was ultimately chosen as the... Read More

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Chamillionaire ft. Bobby V - I’m So Gone (Patron) [Stream]

Nice cars and tons of money are all well and good, but even being a platinum-selling hip-hop artist doesn’t guarantee that life will be all fun and games—everyone, even the rich and famous, needs to kick back every... Read More

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Mams Taylor ft. Snoop Dogg & Bobby V - Girl Gotta Girlfriend [Stream]

From across the pond, a brand-new style of hip-hop music has taken a cruise liner straight to the Booth!  The sub-genre is called “runk” (a portmanteau of “rap” and “punk”), and Mams... Read More

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Redd Hott ft. Bobby V - Glide For Me [Stream]

Redd Hott‘s early work revolved around the violent topics typical of his genre, but, following his uncle’s shooting death, he decided to switch from hard-knock reggae to its feel-good cousin, dancehall. Now,... Read More

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Nitti ft. Bobby V, Gucci Mane & Yung Joc - Drinkz On Up [Stream]

Having already racked up production credits on numerous Dirty South hip-hop hits, Nitti has decided to jump on the bandwagon and drop an album of his own.  What separates him from the Swizz Beatz, Khaos, and Bangladeshes... Read More

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Huey ft. Bobby V - PaYOW! [Stream]

Just when many were beginning to think that Huey‘s Strictly Business strategy would end in failure, the emcee ran into a stroke of good luck: with his HiTz Committee boss, MempHiTz, hosting BET’s Rap City... Read More

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Bobby V - Hands On Me [Stream]

Butterfly Tattoo, the original follow-up to The Rebirth lead single Beep, earned a respectable three-star average when it hit the Booth back in mid-January, but Bobby V nonetheless seems to have had a change of heart—now,... Read More

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Bobby V - The Rebirth [Album]

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must strike out on his own. When he must leave the comfy confines of his home and make his own way in the world, armed only with his wit, his talent, and his desire to f**k... Read Full Review

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DJ King Sams ft. Bobby V, N.O.R.E. & Miss Dade County - I Love U No More (Remix) [Stream]

If you’re a DJ in Florida, chances are you feel immense pressure to measure up to Best of the Booth winner Khaled, whose ability to bring big-names together is unrivaled; Quest, Christion, and GQ have tried, but so far... Read More

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Fabo ft. Bobby V - I’m So High [Stream]

Fabo may consider himself the Snap King, but he’s willing to slow down his style every once in a while.  On a newly-released record off his forthcoming solo debut,  Fabo is So High that he’s transformed... Read More

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Bobby V and Pleasure P Celebrate ’09 With “R&B Takeover” [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- The New Year is all about making a fresh start, and no one has taken the rejuvenating spirit of 2009 more seriously than Bobby V. The R&B heartthrob, formerly of Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace label on Def... Read More


Bobby V. Previews “Rebirth” Tracks on “Lights, Camera & R&B” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- In anticipation of the February 10th release of his third studio album, The Rebirth, Bobby Valentino has released a brand new, DJ Holiday-presented mixtape. Featuring previews of tracks from the forthcoming... Read More


Bobby V ft. Ludacris, Lil’ Kim & Lil Wayne - Beep (Remix) [Stream]

In this week’s exclusive interview with Bobby V the singer told our own DJ Z one of his personal songwriting secrets: when crafting a potential single, he plays the work in progress for his 10-year-old nephew. ... Read More

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Bobby V - Butterfly Tattoo [Stream]

When we interviewed Bobby V last April, the singer revealed plans to go the independent route for the foreseeable future, but he ultimately opted to sign a deal with EMI Distribution for his junior album, Rebirth.  On... Read More

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Bobby V Foundation Holds Community Event In Honor of Holiday Season [Feature ]

Atlanta, GA -- The Bobby V Foundation has teamed up with the Atlanta Urban Gardening Program (AUPG) to donate fresh vegetables and turkeys to senior community gardeners for the holiday season. The community event will be held... Read More


Lil Wayne & Bobby V “Mrs. Officer” Video Shoot - Exclusive Photos [Feature ]

Miami, FL-- Lil Wayne and Bobby V teamed up in Miami to shoot the video for their smash single, "Mrs. Officer," directed by Gil Green. The video was shot at the Miami Sea Aquarium on Biscayne Bay with a police officer theme.... Read More


B. Lloyd ft. Bobby V - She All Mine [Stream]

For years, athletes have dabbled in the music business; Shaquille O’Neal, Deion Sanders and Ron Artest are just a few of the many athletes who have gone from the sports arena to the recording studio.  Following in... Read More

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G Fiive ft. Bobby V & Joe Gutta - Spotlight (Remix) [Stream]

For some, the spotlight can be both daunting and bothersome. For others, it’s never too bright. If you are a female in the latter category, G Fiive might just be the man for you. The Mobile, Alabama rapper has a... Read More

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Bobby V ft. Yung Joc - Beep Beep [Stream]

Bobby V has gone through some major career changes this year, which include his decision to leave Disturbing Tha Peace and Def Jam; a move that he revealed exclusively to DJBooth.  Following the release of an online-only... Read More

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Lil’ Wayne ft. Bobby V - Mrs. Officer [Stream]

Only Lil’ Wayne is cheeky enough to make a song that subversively twists the stereotypical rapper-cop relationship. Unlike NWA, when Weezy says “f**k the police”, he does so in a seductive way. Mrs. Officer, the... Read More

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Serius Jones ft. Bobby V - Freak Like U [Stream]

Similar to fellow Jersey boys Redman and Joe Budden, rapper Serius Jones just couldn’t get any promotion (or backing) for his major label debut, Life is Serius.  Despite carrying a Disturbing tha Peace membership card,... Read More

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Bobby V - What’s Going On [Stream]

Several weeks ago, DJ Booth exclusively revealed that Bobby V had left his recording contract at DTP and Def Jam.  Instead of waiting around for a new recording contract to pop up, the Atlanta-born crooner has gone the... Read More

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Breaking News: Bobby V No Longer Signed to Def Jam or Disturbing The Peace [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- Today in an exclusive interview with , singer Bobby V explained that he is no longer signed to either Def Jam or Disturbing The Peace (DTP). The news of Bobby V’s exit comes just three weeks... Read More


Bobby V ft. Lil’ Wayne - Your Smile [Stream]

Fresh off the Billboard 200-topping Special Occasion and admitting exclusively to DJBooth that he has left DTP, R&B singer Bobby V is preparing his third studio album, Underground Love, for a late summer release.  In... Read More

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Biggie ft. 50 Cent, Bizzy Bone, Maino, Chingy, Bobby V & Chris Notez - Can I Speak To Biggie [Stream]

This past Sunday, March 9, marked the eleventh anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G.‘s tragic shooting death in 1997.  In honor of the fallen rap legend, NYC rapper/producer “Hav Boy” Monte has decided to... Read More

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Bobby V - Sexy Girl [Stream]

Believe it or not, Bobby V released his sophomore album, Special Occasion, on May 6th of last year.  Originally supposed to reach store shelves in December of ’06, the album was delayed multiple times and failed to... Read More

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Metro P ft. Bobby V - Lavish [Stream]

The ‘split personality’ angle has been a trendy pick amongst many artists (Tyrese, Cassidy and T.I.), who for entertainment value, have decided to battle themselves in a fight for musical supremacy.  Next up on the... Read More

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Roscoe Umali ft. Bobby V & E-40 - Live It Up [Stream]

When you sign-up for an account at, they ask for a “headline” that will appear at the top of your profile.  For example, Los Angeles rapper, Roscoe Umali, created the following headline: “I can serve... Read More

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Chingy ft. Ludacris & Bobby V - Gimme Dat [Stream]

The DTP crew gets officially reunited on the latest leak from Chingy’s new album, Hate It or Love It.  Alongside new (and old) best friend Ludacris and crooner Bobby Valentino, Chingy brags to the rooftops that he has... Read More

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Lil Jon, E-40, Bobby V, Ying Yang Twins and More Go Gaming [Feature ]

New York, NY -- "Halo 3" won't be available until September 25, but some of Hip-Hop's biggest hit-makers got a chance to play against one another as Lil Jon, E-40, Bonecrusher, Bobby V, Fabo of D4L, Lil Scrappy, Ying Yang... Read More


Bobby V ft. Fat Joe - Checkin’ On Me (Remix) [Stream]

The remix to Checkin’ For Me is very much a V-esque cut that seems to take you back to the singer’s very first single, Slow Down.  Bobby V. flips the script by requesting that the girl not slow down, but rather to be... Read More


Bobby V Marks a “Special Occasion” with Apple [Feature ]

New York, NY -- R&B sensation Bobby V will hit Apple stores across America offering up the sexy and heart-felt sounds from his sophomore album “Special Occasion,” which was released May 8th on DTP/Island Def Jam, debuting... Read More


Bobby V ft. Ludacris - Rearview Ridin’ [Stream]

Bobby V learned about the ups and downs of fame at a young age.  Getting his start at age 13 in the R&B vocal group MISTA, Bobby V got his first taste of success as the single “Blackberry Molasses” gained... Read More

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Bobby V - Special Occasion [Album]

Usher has left the King of R&B throne vacant for three years now, and there’s been no shortage of young singers rushing to take his spot. Resident DTP crooner Bobby V puts in his bid for royalty on his new release Special... Read Full Review


Ludacris and Bobby V Address Album Delay [Feature ]

NEW YORK, NY -- Bobby V and Ludacris speak out on Bobby's sophomore album and the misconception of the official album leaking on the Internet. Please note and post the OFFICIAL AND FINAL RELEASE DATE for "Special Occasion" IN... Read More


Bobby V - Anonymous [Stream]

DTP’s resident crooner Bobby V hits us with his new high-energy track Anonymous, a song sure to be a club anthem in seconds.  V brings some serious vocal style to this Timbaland-produced track, who contributes his... Read More

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Bobby V - Lets Go [Stream]

Let’s Go, the name of the new single from DTP singer Bobby V, must be what Bobby has been thinking for months.  Originally scheduled for release in late October, Bobby V’s sophomore album Special Occasion has... Read More

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Bobby V to Adopt Families For The Holidays [Feature ]

New York, NY -- It is often said that gardening is good for the soul. The Atlanta Urban Gardening Program (AUGP) has found that it’s not only good for the soul but also good for the mind, body and well being of youth and... Read More


Bobby V’s “Special Occasion” on Sept 19th [Feature ]

New York, NY --R&B Sensation and male “Soul of DTP”, Bobby Valentino, returns to the spotlight with the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album, “Special Occasion” which will be released by DTP/Island Def... Read More