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Contest: Enter the Blu & Exile Instrumental Challenge [Feature ]

Have you been waiting for the chance to prove your rapping or singing talents to the world? Are you also a fan of underground hip-hop, more specifically the work of emcee/producer combo Blu & Exile? Consider... Read More


maticulous - Bet Your Life ft. Masta Ace & Blu [Stream]

“Life’s a game of scrimmage, you can Bet Your Life.” maticulous is gearing up for the release of The maticulous LP, and brings together the legendary Masta Ace and underground veteran Blu for the first time... Read More

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ThisisDA - Won’t Change ft. Blu [Stream & Download]

Currently prepping the July release of his upcoming Based Off Black EP,  Bristol rapper and producer ThisisDA makes his Booth debut with the second single off of the project. Won’t Change boasts some head-nodding... Read More

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EOM - Get Along ft. Anderson .Paak & Blu [Stream]

It’s been nearly two years since EOM‘s (Elements Of Music) last headlining feature, his ForAllWeKnow full-length, and the Virginia beatsmith returns with a jazzy new track off of his forthcoming album. Production... Read More

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Blu ft. DJ Revolution - Kiss the Sky (Remix) [Stream]

Next week, Coalmine Records will be unleashing Remineded, a remix compilation that celebrates the independent hip-hop label’s decade-deep history in the game. One of the very biggest names in the project’s... Read More

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CashUs King ft. Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Blu & Yamin Semali - Black Hockey Players [Stream & Download]

When I think of an NHL star, I think of missing teeth, rinkside fisticuffs… and skin so white it it just might blind you. CashUs King, however, ain’t about to let stereotypes dictate what he can and can’t... Read More

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TOPE ft. Blu & Rob Milton - Let It Go [Stream]

Struggling with a little stress as you begin your workday? Well, take a deep breath, hit play and Let It Go as you vibe out to the latest single from TOPE. Follow-up to last month’s two-for-one effort, Still Dope / Wild... Read More

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Rick Gonzalez ft. Blu - I Get Lifted [Stream]

Craving something smooth and soulful to flip on next time you’re twisting one up? Look no further than I Get Lifted, the latest single from actor and emcee Rick Gonzalez (aka Realm Reality). His first feature since... Read More

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Loop Snatchers ft. Blu & Nieve - What the Night May Bring [Stream]

A buzzmaking duo consisting of French beat wizards Morritz and Myk Max, Loop Snatchers officially introduce themselves to the game—and the Booth—with debut single What the Night May Bring. Los Angeles mainstay Blu and... Read More

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Astronote ft. Blu - Rhymes on Paper (Vivid) [Stream]

Considering using the recording booth as a venue to sh*t-talk your enemies? Underground beatsmith Astronote and West Coast rapper/producer Blu think you should reconsider. On a new promo single off the former’s latest... Read More

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Blu - Good to Be Home [Album]

Blu's musical hustle has taken him all over the globe, but he'll always have a special place in his heart for the region where he came up. On his next album, dropping in May via Nature Sounds, the rapper and producer lets... Read More

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Blu - The Return [Stream]

“What you do when you’re name’s Blu?” Great question. In this case, you release The Return, a second helping from your forthcoming full-length. Over Bombay‘s soulful foundation with minimally... Read More

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Blu - The West [Stream]

No matter how far Blu roams, The West still enjoys pride of place in his heart. On single numero uno off his forthcoming double-album, the rapper/producer takes some time out to remind himself and his listeners that... Read More

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L’Orange ft. Blu - Need You [Stream]

Update: We have added the EmaLee Arroyo-directed visuals for L’Orange’s Need You single. Nearly two years after making his last Booth appearance with the reader-acclaimed Alone, indie beatsmith L’Orange... Read More

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Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz) ft. Blu - Don’t Stop [Stream]

Update: We have added the Issei-directed visuals for Dag Savage’s Don’t Stop single, which were shot in Tokyo, Japan. Some (wise) artists choose quality over quantity, but most end up dropping a lot of material... Read More

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Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz) ft. Co$$, Gonja Sufi & Blu - God Body [Stream & Download]

Those who follow the doctrines of the Five-Percent Nation sometimes refer to themselves as God Body, alluding to the belief that the Asiatic black man is Allah incarnate. With that said, you don’t need to be an NGE... Read More

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MED & Blu ft. Dam-Funk - Peroxide [Stream]

Brace yourselves, Booth readers; this one might sting. On the freshly-released B-Side off their new single/EP, Blu and MED “bubble like Peroxide layin’ in a cut.” Madlib‘s stuttering keyboard-loop beat, built... Read More

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CookBook & Blu ft. Frank Nitt - We Swear [Stream]

Lately, Blu‘s been hellaciously busy on the collaborative tip; fresh off the release of his and Nottz‘s Gods in the Spirit EP, he’s currently working with MED on The Burgundy and, to top it all off,... Read More

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MED & Blu ft. Mayer Hawthorne and Madlib - The Buzz [Stream]

Fresh off the late-October release of Gods in the Spirit, his collaborative EP with Virginia superproducer Nottz, Cali rapper and beatsmith Blu is already hard at work on another joint project. This time around, he’s... Read More

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Blu x Nottz - Gods in the Spirit [Album]

Cali rapper/producer Blu and Virginian beatsmith Nottz have unleashed their debut collaborative EP, Gods in the Spirit. The project comes on the heels of Blu's York LP, released in March and available in the Booth for... Read More

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Blu & Nottz ft. ANTHM, Homeboy Sandman, Sene & Johaz - Crooks in Castles [Stream]

On the first release off their forthcoming joint EP, West Coast rapper/beatsmith Blu and Virginia superproducer Nottz took the name “Boyz II Men” literally, using the ‘90s R&B group’s moniker as an oblique... Read More

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Upcoming Hip-Hop Album Alert: Dom Kennedy, Blu, Boldy James & More [Feature ]

Here at The DJBooth we strive to always keep our readers well informed of all the latest album, mixtape and EP releases. So every Friday we will preview the week ahead in new releases, highlighting the hip hop projects, both... Read More


Blu & Nottz ft. Rashad - End of the World [Stream]

Over the centuries, countless artists, philosophers and theologians have shared their visions of the End of the World. As far as I know, though, the apocalypse has never sounded quite as smooth as it does on the latest single... Read More

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Blu & Nottz ft. Nitty Scott, MC - Boyz II Men [Stream]

Later this month, West Coast rapper/producer Blu and Norfolk, Va. beatsmith Nottz will be joining forces to drop their debut collaborative EP. Today, we get our first taste of the project in the form of Boyz II Men, a lead... Read More

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14KT ft. Blu - PAID [Stream & Download]

Previously heard handling production on joints by Buff1 (10,000) and Bun B (The Life), Mello Music Group beatsmith 14KT steps into the solo spotlight with new single PAID, his first Booth feature as a headliner. Here, the... Read More

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P.R ft. Cise Star & Blu - We Will Make It [Stream]

Normally, I try to keep my personal tastes out of my feature write-ups, but when I saw that Cise Star was attached to We Will Make It, my heart was aflutter. He might not be well known, but he is easily one of my top five... Read More

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xlsrebelsx ft. Blu - Sinnaman [Stream & Download]

What do you get when you mix Adele with The Beatles, and marinate that combo in a savory sauce of contemporary hip-hop? Frankly, I don’t have the slightest idea—but, according to the Los Angeles... Read More

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Shuko ft. Blu - Be Yourself [Stream]

Fans of Blu’s lyrically-driven style were (judging from the Booth reviews) caught a little off-guard by his last album, York, which found him exploring electronic sounds. Those fans need not be scared, though, as the artist... Read More

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Blu x Lee Bannon - VEX’D [Stream]

Fresh off the late-March release of his long-awaited York LP, Blu returns to our pages with VEX’D, a freshly-remixed version of album inclusion SLNGNBNGR. In place of Dibiase‘s eight-bit synths, Sacramento-repping... Read More

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M.i ft. Blu - Church West Texas [Stream]

Last we heard from M.i, on the inaugural leak off his forthcoming mixtape, he was looking forward to his Imminent takeover of the game, with all the money, power and fame that entails. Much as the artist plans on enjoying his... Read More

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Blu - York [Album]

Los Angeles emcee/producer Blu's much talked about album, York, which has seemingly been delayed for years, has finally arrived. The 14-track LP, which was formerly known as NoYork, is now available for digital purchase,... Read More

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Co$$ ft. Kemizt & Blu - Heroin [Stream & Download]

Don’t worry, readers: Golden State veteran Co$$ hasn’t (as far as I’m aware) developed a taste for opiates. After giving Heroin a couple spins, the only connection I’m able to draw to the titular... Read More

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Blu & Exile ft. Andy Allo - Ease Your Mind [Stream]

Worried that you were going to have to wait forever and a day for another collaborative feature from West Coast mainstays Blu and Exile? Well, the arrival of this freshly-minted video single should Ease Your Mind. Part of the... Read More

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Realm Reality - Blu & Fred The Godson - I Just Want to Be There [Stream]

Sometimes, family disagreements can’t be resolved simply by talking it out. That’s when you queue up a dope beat and lay out your side of the story in rhyme. Realm Reality, the L.A.-by-way-of-B.K. emcee who... Read More

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Blu ft. R.A. The Rugged Man & Tristate - Thelonius King [Stream]

With dark undertones and a bass driven beat by producer Bombay, new release Thelonius King is exactly the type of introspective track that Nature Sound‘s top emcees Blu, Tristate and R.A. The Rugged Man rip to shreds.... Read More

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Oh No feat. Blu & MED - Jones’s [Stream]

In addition to plenty of fresh instrumentals, Oh No‘s next solo album is slated to include collaborations with some of his most talented mic-rocking colleagues. A foretaste of the dopeness to come, new single... Read More

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Arima Ederra ft. Blu - Questions [Stream & Download]

Who is this girl? How come I have never heard of her before and where can I hear more? These might be some questions you have after listening to the first DJBooth feature for Arima Ederra. It’s a good thing I can help with... Read More

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Pac Div ft. Blu & Kendrick Lamar - Cross-Trainers [Stream]

Pac Div have their Cross Trainers laced up, and they’re ready to run sh*t. Following previously-featured album inclusions Truth and Black Acura, this jam finds the well-heeled crew consolidating their power over the... Read More

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MHz Legacy ft. Blu - Yellow + Blue [Stream & Download]

Time for a pop quiz: what do you get when you mix Yellow + Blue? As anyone who’s seen the inside of an elementary school classroom should probably know, the answer is “green.” Question number two: what do you get... Read More

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Danny! ft. Lil B & Blu - Misunderstood [Stream & Download]

Much of Danny!‘s recorded output is directly concerned with the experience of being Misunderstood in the music game—in fact, the conceptual narrative underpinning his latest album is an allegory for his travails in... Read More

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Freddie Gibbs, Madlib, Blu & More to Play “Through the Mic” Tonight in L.A.! [Feature ]

Legendary emcee Murs has joined forces with L.A. museum LACMA and Cashmere Agency for their new Through the Mic concert series, which will explore contemporary Los Angeles hip hop, with an emphasis on the diversity of... Read More


Blu & Exile ft. Homeboy Sandman & MC ADaD - The Great Escape [Stream & Download]

After releasing their acclaimed single, A Man earlier this summer, Blu and Exile are back with their latest release, The Great Escape. A standout selection off of their recently released project, Give Me Flowers While I Can... Read More

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Blu - Rap Dope [Stream]

Though Blu‘s product is a little more sophisticated than what many of his peers in the game are pushing, the Cali rapper/producer bears no illusions about his role: whatever else you seek to accomplish with your music,... Read More

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Blu x Exile - A Man [Stream & Download]

The last time we heard some collaborative work from Blu and Exile it was last October and we were all bumping When Nothing’s Left. That hiatus ends today with the previously unreleased A Man, a deeply contemplative cut... Read More

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Sene ft. Blu - backboards. [Stream]

Fresh off bringing us the inaugural leak and title track off his next project, Sene returns with a video off the project. On Backboards., Sene’s own string-sampled grooves set the stage for ambitious, intricately woven... Read More

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Blu ft. Mela Machinko - Kiss the Sky [Stream]

Not featured on the solo tip since this past December, when he stepped into the Booth with The Clean Hand, Blu makes his triumphant return to our pages with Kiss the Sky, a fresh promo single inspired by the famous line from... Read More

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ANTHM ft. Blu - Polaris [Stream & Download]

Every big dreamer has one or more idols, who guide their efforts and exemplify what they wish to become. ANTHM‘s just so happens to be a flaming ball of gas, not another rapper. Determined to “...shine like the... Read More

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ScienZe x King I Divine ft. Sene, Blu & Britain Parker - Happiness Is [Stream & Download]

Last heard getting ready for an evening out on inaugural mixtape leak Enjoy Tonight, ScienZ continues in that cut’s positive vein on follow-up Happiness Is. Here, project collaborator King I Divine crafts a sampled beat... Read More

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Roc C ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Blu - Styllions [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of his latest full-length, Roc C returns to our pages with a freshly-released standout cut. On Styllions, the Oxnard, California underground mainstay goes toe-to-toe with Little Brother alum Rapper Big... Read More

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Blu - The Clean Hand [Stream & Download]

When industry vet Pete Rock personally passes you a fresh beat, what is there to do but blaze it and share the finished product with the world? That’s exactly what Blu did—and the result, The Clean Hand, is... Read More

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Exile ft. Blu - When Nothing’s Left [Stream]

Already a DJBooth fave thanks to his production work on featured records by West Coast phenom Fashawn and many others, Exile steps out from behind the boards to make his Booth debut as a rapper on new single When... Read More

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Blu ft. Sene - Avenge Of The Cheap [Stream & Download]

Contrary to Forrest Gump’s assertion that “life is like a box of chocolates” (…because you never know what you’re gonna get.), surprises and shakeups are more often than not separated by long stretches of... Read More

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Jesse Abraham ft. Blu - Words Past The Margin [Stream & Download]

For single number two from his newly-released album One Day, emcee Jesse Abraham rolls out a feature from Blu over an !llmind beat, culminating in Words Past The Margin. On the production tip !ll unleashes a beat filled with... Read More

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Blu ft. Pac Div, U-N-I, J*DaVeY, TiRon & Ayomari - Doin’ Something [Stream & Download]

On his latest leak Doin’ Something, L.A. native Blu keeps with his gritty underground edge, calling on the help of a few friends: Pac Div, U-N-I, J*Davey, TiRon and Ayomari. Producer Flying Lotus provides a scratchy beat... Read More

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Bilal ft. Blu - Robots (Remy LBO Remix) [Stream & Download]

A standout track off 2010’s Airtight’s Revenge LP, Robots found neo-soul stalwart Bilal serving up the kind of hard-hitting social commentary usually reserved for underground emcees. Today, the track is back in... Read More

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MED ft. Blu - Your Life [Stream & Download]

On his last featured cut, MED schooled heads on “Where [He’s] From,” rhapsodizing in detail about the sights, sounds and surrounds of his formative years. Well aware that nostalgia for the past shouldn’t be... Read More

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Blu ft. Jack Davey - Everything’sOK [Stream & Download]

If you, like me, flipped on the news this morning, odds are you were assaulted by a barrage of footage detailing global-scale tumult. For those overwhelmed by the chaos in Japan, Libya and elsewhere, here’s my... Read More

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Lupe Fiasco ft. All City Chess Club - I’m Beamin’ (Remix) [Stream]

As Mohandas Gandhi once said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history finally get Lasers a freaking release date.” Having won, with the help of... Read More

Average Rating: 43211

Andy Allo ft. Blu - DreamLand [Stream]

What does it mean to be Unfresh? Well, in a recent interview, first-time Booth featuree Andy Allo explains that it’s all about “...being original, not conforming, and being yourself.” So it’s kinda like being... Read More

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Fashawn ft. Blu - Samsonite Man [Stream]

In my review of Fashawn’s dope new album Boy Meets World I wrote that the Cali-based emcee finds hip-hop hope in a world that can often feel devoid of it. Case in point: Samsonite Man, the third single off the album. Exile,... Read More

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Definite ft. Blu & Myth - It’s Okay [Stream]

Times are tough. There are two wars raging, swine flu is sweeping the world and the economy is tanking harder than Heidi Montag’s singing career. Lucky for us we’ve found the remedy for troubled times with Definite and... Read More

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Tanya Morgan ft. Blu - Morgan Blu [Stream]

All of the summery music in the Booth today has got me thinking of one of my favorite warm-weather pastimes: playing the ponies at Canterbury Park, of course! Brooklyn threesome Tanya Morgan seem to have a similar idea, as... Read More

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Big Tone ft. Blu - A Song Called Triumph [Stream]

Like most good things in life, musical success requires a superhuman level of dedication, but the moments of triumph, when one can sit back and reflect on the achievement of a goal that once seemed so distant, more than make... Read More

Average Rating: 32121

Blu Drops “HerFavoriteColo(u)r” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

Los Angeles, CA -- Blu, the underground emcee who made his solo Booth debut with the reader-acclaimed "Vanity(DeathOfAStar)ptOne," has just released his HerFavoriteColo(u)r mixtape. The brand new street album, produced... Read More


Blu - Vanity(DeathOfAStar)ptOne [Stream]

In the swag-centric world of mainstream hip-hop, it often seems as though an artist’s chances of success hinge on his being able to project a cocky, impossibly confident persona.  Bombast and braggadocio certainly... Read More

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The Alchemist ft. KiD CuDi, Evidence & Blu - Therapy [Stream]

To whet fans’ appetites for his sophomore album, Chemical Warfare, set to be released on February 10, veteran producer The Alchemist has dropped a preview EP entitled The Alchemist’s Cookbook.  Hoping to... Read More

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Evidence ft. Phonte, Blu & - For Whom The Bell Tolls [Stream]

Last year, while on tour with Little Brother, Evidence had an epiphany.  Instead of just crafting a 5-song “side project” with friend and producer Khrysis, the Dilated Peoples member decided to spin a simple,... Read More

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Talib Kweli ft. Joell Ortiz & Blu - Hostile Gospel (Remix) [Stream]

On the fourth single from his third solo album Eardrum, Talib Kweli preaches the Hostile Gospel; a request for deliverance from our surrounding community’s crises.  Evidently, Kweli’s message is vibin’ through... Read More

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