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Blackbear - Waste Away ft. Devon Baldwin [Stream]

Fresh off this Tuesday’s release of his latest full-length, Golden State alt-R&B phenom Blackbear is back in the Booth with a standout off the set. Produced by BASECAMP, Waste Away is a sensual duet featuring guest... Read More

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Blackbear - 4u [Stream]

All too often, we fail to notice the signs of a relationship’s deterioration before it’s too late to put the pieces back together. Blackbear‘s headed down that path with his current girl, according to new... Read More

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Blackbear - Playing Dead [Stream]

I’ve heard it said that, if you’re attacked by a bear, Playing Dead is your best bet for survival. (Fortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to put that to the test). On Blackbear‘s latest single,... Read More

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Blackbear - Weak When Ur Around [Stream]

It was only recently that Blackbear got his heart broken, so it’s understandable that the Los Angeles alt-R&B buzzmaker’s reluctant to dive headfirst into another relationship. On promo single Weak When Ur... Read More

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Blackbear - Heartbroken [Stream]

On his last promo single, featured earlier this month, alt-R&B buzzmaker Blackbear gently assured his suspicious woman that he hadn’t been creeping ‘round with other girls on the down-low. It was a nice... Read More

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Blackbear - Down 4 U [Stream]

As much as we’d like to avoid it, jealousy always seems to rear its ugly head at some point in a romantic relationship. On his latest single (coming on the heels of April’s Grey L.A.), alt-R&B buzzmaker... Read More

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Blackbear - Grey L.A [Stream]

It’s rare that a song’s title and the emotions you feel from the song sync up as well as they do on Grey L.A. The latest single off of Blackbear‘s new EP, The Afterglow, is an audio grey matter that slowly... Read More

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Blackbear ft. T. Mills - Bodybetter [Stream]

If you grew up during the 1980s, you already know that milk does a body good. But do you know what does a Body even Better? Blackbear. On his latest promotional single, coming on the heels of mid-February’s The... Read More

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Blackbear - The Afternoon [Stream]

Recently heard lending his vocals to Flash&Flaunt, a Booth-acclaimed cut by Hawaiian rhymesayer Prie, Blackbear returns to brighten up our Afternoon with a brand new single of his own. On this wistful burner, the Golden... Read More

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Prie ft. Blackbear - Flash&Flaunt [Stream]

When you’ve got something good going on, what’s the sense in being coy? You should Flash&Flaunt it, so the rest of the world can benefit from your gifts as well. Luckily for listeners in the Booth, Hawaiian... Read More

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Blackbear - Strangers [Stream]

On a previous feature, alt-R&B buzzmaker Blackbear and a longtime homegirl pondered whether to turn from friends into lovers. This new promo single, his first feature of the new year, depicts an inverse and even more... Read More

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Blackbear - I Needed You [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Blackbear, the Golden State alt-R&B buzzmaker was pondering whether he and a certain woman would become lovers, or stay Just Friends, on a reader-approved promo single. Of course, there was a third... Read More

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Blackbear ft. Nylo - Just Friends? [Stream & Download]

Since the dawn of humanity, two questions have plagued mankind: “What is the meaning of life?” and—perhaps the bigger mystery—“Can a guy and a girl be Just Friends?” Even if it’s just for one... Read More

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Blackbear - Unable [Stream & Download]

Previously featured as a guest on OshFest, a reader-approved loosie from Mike Posner, unsigned up-and-comer Blackbear returns to make his Booth debut as headliner with promo single Unable. This harrowing breakup jam showcases... Read More

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Mike Posner ft. Blackbear - OshFest [Stream & Download]

With warm weather right around the corner it’s that time of year where decisions have to be made as to which music festivals you plan on attending. Perhaps you will be making it to DJBooth’s Jamla Jam Session at SXSW,... Read More

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