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Azekel - Holy Matrimony Artwork

Azekel - Holy Matrimony [Stream]

Azekel moves fast. The first half of the indie crooner’s new dual single found him reveling in the magic of a New Romance; now, just a month later, he and the girl in question have tied the knot. On Holy Matrimony, the... Read More

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Azekel - New Romance Artwork

Azekel - New Romance [Stream]

There’s nothing quite like a New Romance. Just ask UK crooner and beatsmith Azekel, who celebrates love’s return to his life on a brand new promotional single. While the artist’s falsetto-laced vocals are as... Read More

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Azekel - Circa EP Cover

Azekel - Circa EP [Album]

UK singer/songwriter Azekel has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Circa EP. The five-track set comes heralded by reader-approved singles "Official '07" and "In the Zone '13." Azekel is the sole... Read More

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Azekel - In the Zone ‘13 Artwork

Azekel - In the Zone ‘13 [Stream]

Sometimes, ideas come slowly, and your most strenuous efforts yield lackluster results. Other times, you’re In the Zone, and creating masterpieces comes as easily as breathing. Azekel? He’s clearly in the f**king... Read More

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Azekel - Official ‘07 Artwork

Azekel - Official ‘07 [Stream]

’07 has a special place in my heart, because it was the year I graduated high school. Another ’07 I hold near and dear is Azekel’s latest feature, Official ‘07. On this record, the UK crooner showcases a haunting,... Read More

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Azekel Pic

Azekel - No Ordinary Love [Stream & Download]

Azekel‘s first DJBooth feature, released back in March, saw the UK singer waxing poetic about That euphoric, almost ineffable Feeling that comes with a new romance. On his latest promo single, No Ordinary Love, he... Read More

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Azekel - That Feeling Artwork

Azekel - That Feeling [Stream]

There are few doper (or more elusive) things in life than the euphoric sense of possibility that comes with a new relationship. Booth newcomer Azekel recently met a girl who gives him That Feeling, and on his first feature... Read More

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