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Azekel - Raw, Vol. 1 EP [Album]

A man of many talents, alt-R&B crooner, songwriter and producer Azekel has released his latest project and EP, Raw, Vol. 1, via Thunderlighting Recordings. The EP runs a total of seven tracks, including lead single "Mad... Read More

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Azekel - Sold My Love [Stream]

Alt-R&B crooner and songwriter/producer extraordinaire Azekel is back with a brand new jam off of his upcoming Raw, Vol. 1 EP. Sold My Love features plenty of soulful, emotional crooning over a minimal, piano-led,... Read More

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Azekel - Mad About The Boy [Stream]

“You’re Mad About The Boy...” croons Azekel in his latest single, an intoxicating new self-produced alt-R&B jam from the multitalented singer/songwriter/producer. Sweeping synths pull you into the cosmic... Read More

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Azekel - Let’s Dance [Stream]

Azekel’s last Booth feature found the buzzmaking singer/songwriter and producer fretting about the inexorable march of time; in other words, it was some heavy sh*t. After a record like that, it couldn’t hurt for the UK... Read More

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Azekel - Chronophobia [Stream]

When you’re deathly afraid of mayonnaise or snakes, you at least have the option of steering clear of delis or tall grass. Azekel‘s Chronophobia, on the other hand, offers no chance of escape; after all,... Read More

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Azekel - Holy Matrimony [Stream]

Azekel moves fast. The first half of the indie crooner’s new dual single found him reveling in the magic of a New Romance; now, just a month later, he and the girl in question have tied the knot. On Holy Matrimony, the... Read More

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Azekel - New Romance [Stream]

There’s nothing quite like a New Romance. Just ask UK crooner and beatsmith Azekel, who celebrates love’s return to his life on a brand new promotional single. While the artist’s falsetto-laced vocals are as... Read More

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Azekel - Circa EP [Album]

UK singer/songwriter Azekel has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Circa EP. The five-track set comes heralded by reader-approved singles "Official '07" and "In the Zone '13." Azekel is the sole... Read More

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Azekel - In the Zone ‘13 [Stream]

Sometimes, ideas come slowly, and your most strenuous efforts yield lackluster results. Other times, you’re In the Zone, and creating masterpieces comes as easily as breathing. Azekel? He’s clearly in the f**king... Read More

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Azekel - Official ‘07 [Stream]

’07 has a special place in my heart, because it was the year I graduated high school. Another ’07 I hold near and dear is Azekel’s latest feature, Official ‘07. On this record, the UK crooner showcases a haunting,... Read More

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Azekel - No Ordinary Love [Stream & Download]

Azekel‘s first DJBooth feature, released back in March, saw the UK singer waxing poetic about That euphoric, almost ineffable Feeling that comes with a new romance. On his latest promo single, No Ordinary Love, he... Read More

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Azekel - That Feeling [Stream]

There are few doper (or more elusive) things in life than the euphoric sense of possibility that comes with a new relationship. Booth newcomer Azekel recently met a girl who gives him That Feeling, and on his first feature... Read More

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