New Anderson .Paak Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Anderson .Paak - Switch Up [Stream]

The uber talented Anderson .Paak, a DJBooth Top Prospect, has released a new standalone record. The self-produced Switch Up is everything we’ve come to expect from the Los Angeles vocalist and drummer, a fun, funky good... Read More

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Mike Gao - Shifty ft. Anderson .Paak & Doja Cat [Stream]

World traveling producer Mike Gao makes his first foray into The DJBooth with a new single that features a familiar name and a relative newcomer. Guest starring on the short-but-sweet banger Shifty are Top Prospect selection... Read More

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DJ Premier x BMB Spacekid - Til Its Done ft. Anderson .Paak [Stream & Download]

Our friends at Boiler Room, a website that concentrates on worldwide underground music, have a real treat on their hands. Earlier this week, their site premiered a collaboration between legendary producer DJ Premier, St.... Read More

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Jonwayne - Green Light ft. Anderson .Paak [Stream]

While it remains to be seen if Jonwayne Is really Retired, the talented emcee/producer’s EP is really dropping tomorrow. We do have the Green Light for one more single in advance of the release, a minimal, self-produced... Read More

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EOM - Get Along ft. Anderson .Paak & Blu [Stream]

It’s been nearly two years since EOM‘s (Elements Of Music) last headlining feature, his ForAllWeKnow full-length, and the Virginia beatsmith returns with a jazzy new track off of his forthcoming album. Production... Read More

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Anderson .Paak - Luh You [Stream]

Anderson .Paak is so talented it’s kinda not fair. In his Booth features to date, the West Coast phenom’s proven himself a a top-shelf singer/songwriter and beatsmith, and now I learn than he can do any dance known to... Read More

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Anderson .Paak’s “Venice”: An Awesome Moments Album Review [Feature ]

2014 has been a bad year for music? Fuck that.   Sure, the beginning of the year was pretty slow, but these last few weeks have been insane. We've had highly anticipated albums, big singles, super racist videos, and... Read More


Anderson .Paak, The Discovery #TopProspects [Feature ]

Everyone loves consistency. We go to McDonald's because we know the cheeseburger with fries will taste the same way it tasted yesterday and last month and when we were 8-years-old begging our mom to take us... Read More


Anderson .Paak - Miss Right [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added Jay Ahn-directed visuals to Miss Right. In the final week of October, we’re going to be inducting Anderson .Paak into the ranks of DJBooth Top Prospects. Loyal readers already know exactly... Read More

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DJBooth Announces Our New Top Prospects… [Feature ]

Only a true narcisst would claim they're solely responsible for an artist's success. An almost impossibly complex web of talent, hard work, connections, outright luck and experiences, sometimes stretching back... Read More


Anderson .Paak Breaks Down His 15 Favorite Songs of All-Time [Feature ]

No matter what your relationship is with music - whether you are a DJBooth reader, a blogger, a struggle rapper or a platinum selling artist - we all started out as fans; everyone has those 15-20 songs that... Read More


Anderson .Paak - Drugs [Stream]

Last we heard from Anderson .Paak, it was December of 2013 and he was mourning a lost love on his understated rendition of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Maps. The So-Cal native’s first feature of the new year is also a... Read More

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TOKiMONSTA ft. Anderson .Paak - Realla [Stream]

Damn, TOKiMONSTA‘s new promo single is smooth. Like, for Realla. The West Coast electronic buzzmaker’s first feature on our pages, this freshly-minted loosie finds her crafting a warm, oceanic synth backdrop for... Read More

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Anderson .Paak - Celibate [Stream]

No, Anderson .Paak hasn’t joined the priesthood. He is, however, in the midst of a temporary Celibate period thanks to his steady girl’s reluctance to get it on. Over Duke Westlake‘s production, a quirky mix... Read More

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Anderson .Paak - Might Be (High) [Stream]

I’m starting to see a theme here. The last Anderson .Paak/Lodef collab was titled DRUGS, and now the pair return with Might Be (High). Whereas DRUGS was harder than a PCP and bath salt cocktail, Might Be (High) is the... Read More

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TiRon x Ayomari ft. Anderson .Paak - My Supernova [Stream]

Back in September 2011, Los Angeles buzzmakers TiRON and Ayomari launched their collaborative relationship with digital full-length A Sucker for Pumps. Two and a half years later, the partners-in-rhyme are getting ready to... Read More

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Anderson .Paak - Maps [Stream]

With its memorable melody, emotional sweep and romantic theme, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ 2004 breakthrough single is perfect material for an R&B makeover. As a matter of fact, it already received one last year, courtesy... Read More

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Anderson .Paak - Cover Art [Album]

West Coast buzzmaker Anderson .Paak, formerly known as Breezy Lovejoy, has unleashed his latest EP, Cover Art, via Hellfyre Club. The six-track set features the artist's renditions of popular cuts by a variety of rock, folk... Read More

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