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Ameriie - Out Loud [Stream]

It’s been almost a year since Ameriie told us What she Wants, but the veteran R&B songstress is back in the Booth and singing Out Loud on her latest single. Produced by veteran Rich Harrison, this high energy record... Read More

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Ameriie - What I Want [Stream]

Despite decades of research, there was one question that Sigmund Freud never felt he was able to answer: what does a woman want? It’s too bad Ameriie wasn’t around during his lifetime, as the songstress makes her... Read More

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Ameriie - Every Time [Stream]

No, the DJBooth copy editors aren’t on vacation today; the indie R&B songstress formerly known as Amerie has, in fact added an extra “i” to her stage name since making her last DJBooth appearance, citing better... Read More

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Amerie - Who’s Gonna Love You [Stream]

After years of extensive musicological research, I’ve come to find that there are three types of new generation R&B songstresses: the Beyoncés (talent, pop appeal, sex appeal), the Alicias (talent and sex appeal, but... Read More

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Amerie - In Love & War [Album]

Every guy - and probably every girl - who reads the following sentence is going to think I’m lying, but…I love Amerie, and not just for her good looks and impossibly long legs. No, there’s something about her spirit... Read Full Review

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Amerie ft. Trey Songz - Pretty Brown [Stream]

Am I jealous of Trey Songz? Honestly? Yes, yes I am. Ever since the video for 1 Thing hit the airwaves I’ve been more than a little in love with Amerie, so while I’d prefer that I was on her new single Pretty Brown,... Read More

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Amerie ft. Lil’ Wayne - Heard Em All (Remix) [Stream]

In her latest attempt to reclaim the mainstream success she last saw with 1 Thing, Amerie has selected the radio-friendly Heard Em All for official promotion, even pushing her forthcoming In Love & War LP to November 3 so... Read More

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Amerie - Heard Em All [Stream]

When it comes to the club scene, pretty girls have it easy; all it takes is a little sprucing up before heading out the door and they can be sure that every eligible man at the spot will be vying for their attention—the... Read More

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Amerie Teams Up With DJ Ruckus for “What Cha Know About Amerie” Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Amerie is reintroducing herself to R&B-lovers with a new, DJ Ruckus-mixed street album entitled What Cha Know About Amerie. Featuring all the Grammy-nominated singer's biggest singles (including current... Read More


Amerie ft. Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Nas & Kain Cioffie - Why R U? (Remix) [Stream]

On her relationship-themed senior album (and Def Jam debut), In Love & War, Amerie will be borrowing from a wide array of musical styles—reader-acclaimed lead single Why R U?, for example, took inspiration from the... Read More

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Amerie - Why R U [Stream]

On her first album, All I Have, Amerie showcased a typical smooth R&B style, while her follow-ups, Touch and Because I Love It, had a more uptempo sound.  Her upcoming senior album and Island Def Jam debut,  In Love... Read More

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Yung Berg ft. Amerie - Get Your Number [Stream]

Ah, the allure of the female phone number. Most guys waste hours upon hours of their lives blindly chasing after those 10-digit combinations of lust-filled promise, but only a few have truly mastered the task of scoring them... Read More

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Chingy & Amerie Offer “Fly Like Me” Video Sneak Peak [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Chingy & Amerie put together a behind-the-scenes video from their shot for the brand new single, "Fly Like Me. Below you can find still to the shoot and a link to watch the video. Watch... Read More


Chingy ft. Amerie - Fly Like Me [Stream]

Chingy is back with DTP and is readying the release of his brand new album, Love it or Hate It, which will be in stores this winter.  After giving the streets the hometown connection cut, St. Louis N*ggaz, the Midwest... Read More

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Amerie ft. Fabolous & Slim Thug - Thats What U R [Stream]

Amerie’s parent label, Columbia, decided to release her new album, Because I Love It, in Europe this past May; the singer assumed her domestic release would soon follow.  Unfortunately for Amerie, things didn’t go... Read More

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Amerie - Gotta Work [Stream]

We all need some inspiration after life has run us in the ground, and if you don’t feel even a little empowered after listening to Amerie’s new single Gotta Work, then there’s probably not too much else that can help... Read More

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Amerie - Take Control [Stream]

Her full name is Amerie Mi Marie Rogers.  To the masses though she is just Amerie and she is back with her new single, Take Control.  The single, full of flavor and a complete brass section is both engaging and... Read More