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Jeezy ft. Kendrick Lamar - Holy Ghost (Remix) Artwork
Artist: Jeezy
Featuring: Kendrick Lamar
Praise the lord! Though Holy Ghost hasn’t been selected as an official single off Jeezy‘s latest LP, the veteran (t)rapper was confident enough in it to skip straight to the remix. As well he should be, since this... More
Posted on Sep 03, 2014
Jeezy ft. YG & T.I. - Addicted Artwork
Artist: Jeezy
Featuring: YG | T.I.
Guessed on what Jeezy, YG and T.I. are all Addicted to? Drugs? Nope, not their style. Money? Well, yes, but in this specific case no. Give up? Women, of course. They’re all addicted to women; isn’t it always... More
Posted on Sep 03, 2014
Jeezy - Seen It All: The Autobiography Cover
Artist: Jeezy
A word like "under-rated" gets throw around so often now it doesn't mean much. Can you really be underrated when fifty sites have done a "100 Under-Rated Rappers" listicle, and the same rappers are on every one? What rating... More
Posted on Sep 02, 2014
Jeezy ft. Future - No Tears Artwork
Artist: Jeezy
Featuring: Future
I never thought of Jeezy as the kind of guy who’d be big on crying, and it turns out my intuition was correct. Though you won’t catch him shedding No Tears, there’s pain beneath his steely facade, as he... More
Posted on Aug 22, 2014
A 25 Song Tour Through Young Jeezy’s Career Playlist Image

A 25 Song Tour Through Young Jeezy’s Career

I’m sure ESPN’s Jay Bilas, Jeezy’s number one fan, is pretty excited for the release of Seen It All: The Autobiography next month, but he isn’t the only one. After two dope singles, one featuring... More
Posted on Aug 13, 2014
Young Jeezy ft. The Game & Rick Ross - Beautiful Artwork
Artist: Jeezy
Featuring: Game | Rick Ross
When Jay Bilas is Tweeting about your new single, and it has nothing to do with college basketball, you’re kind of a big deal. I mean, how else could you describe Jeezy at the moment? His current single, and the title... More
Posted on Aug 13, 2014
Jeezy - Me OK Artwork
Artist: Jeezy
Song: Me OK
If Young Jeezy was your new Math teacher, the first thing he’d make clear is that he’d like to be called Mr. Me OK. Besides educating you about who taught you “Trap or Die,” and that two wholes and two... More
Posted on Aug 04, 2014
Jeezy ft. Jay Z - Seen It All Artwork
Artist: Jeezy
Featuring: Jay Z
Just when you thought that you’ve Seen It All, Young Jeezy makes the announcement that his new single, which is also the title track off his upcoming LP, features a little someone by the name of Shawn Carter. That... More
Posted on Jun 30, 2014
Ne-Yo ft. Jeezy - Money Can’t Buy Artwork
Artist: Ne-Yo
Featuring: Jeezy
Ne-Yo is more than willing to shower his woman with Luxurious gifts, but the R&B hitmaker isn’t under the illusion that a fat bankroll will bring him true love; he knows that there are some things Money Can’t... More
Posted on May 27, 2014
Top Hip Hop / R&B Music Chart (May 19, 2014) Playlist Image

Top Hip Hop / R&B Music Chart (May 19, 2014)

Billboard who? Everybody knows that the only charts that really matter are the DJBooth Top 20s. You can always find out which songs were the week’s most popular, but why only use those eyes when you’ve also got those... More
Posted on May 19, 2014
Feature Image

5 Young Jeezy Songs Even Haterz Love

It occurred to me the other day that I really dislike Young Jeezy. He isn't intolerable (although he's close to it), but what makes me hate him more is that people seem to give him a pass. When discussing the worst... More
Posted on Apr 03, 2014
DJ Mustard ft. YG, Jeezy & Que - Vato Artwork
Artist: DJ Mustard
Featuring: YG | Jeezy | QUE.
Song: Vato
Though DJ Mustard has lent his production prowess to numerous Booth-featured joints—I won’t even try to list them—and even co-headlined one (YG‘s Left, Right), the Bay Area superproducer has yet to bring us a... More
Posted on Mar 13, 2014
DJ Infamous ft. Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Juicy J & Game - Double Cup Artwork
Featuring: Jeezy | Ludacris | Juicy J | Game | Yung Berg
Sometimes, 18 ounces simply ain’t enough—that’s when you Double Cup it. On his latest promo single and first headlining feature, DJ Infamous (Ludacris‘s tour DJ) recruits a four-pack of codeine-loving... More
Posted on Feb 18, 2014
Rick Ross ft. Jeezy - War Ready Artwork
Artist: Rick Ross
Featuring: Jeezy
Album: Mastermind
With Rick Ross‘s sixth full-length less than a month away from release, the South Florida heavyweight’s enemies in the game are undoubtedly developing itchy trigger fingers. On the latest single off the set,... More
Posted on Feb 09, 2014
Jeezy Pic
Artist: Trey Songz
Featuring: Jeezy
When an Ordinary man spends an evening sipping mediocre liquor at a garden-variety club before taking a moderately attractive woman back to his so-so apartment, it’s a damn good night. For Trey Songz, that qualifies as... More
Posted on Feb 09, 2014