Witt Lowry - Best New Songs, Albums, & Features

Listen to the best new songs and albums from Witt Lowry as well as features written by the DJ Booth Staff. Last updated on February 09, 2015

Witt Lowry - Move On Artwork
Artist: Witt Lowry
Song: Move On
Most, if not all of us have that one ex who never seems to stop running through our mind, even when we’re with someone who’s clearly better for us. Witt Lowry knows exactly what I’m talking about; on single numero uno... More
Posted one month ago
Witt Lowry - I Could Be Artwork
Artist: Witt Lowry
Witt Lowry never claimed to be perfect but, if you’ve heard him spit, you know just how vast the Connecticut buzzmaker’s potential for greatness is. Fresh off demonstrating his lyrical prowess on Common Sense, his... More
Posted about 5 months ago
Witt Lowry - Common Sense Artwork
Artist: Witt Lowry
Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising... More
Posted 6 months ago
Witt Lowry - Lay Here Artwork
Artist: Witt Lowry
Fresh off garnering rave reader reviews for late July’s Kindest Regards, the title track off his next street album, the artist formerly known as Witty returns to the Booth with another new single—and a new stage name,... More
Posted 7 months ago
Witty - Kindest Regards Artwork
Artist: Witt Lowry
Connecticut buzzmaker Witty has never been shy about putting his deepest emotions down on wax—and he’s won rave Booth reviews for his trouble. To paraphrase a cliché, though, a video is worth, like, a million words.... More
Posted 8 months ago
Witty ft. Trippz Michaud - Leave Artwork
Artist: Witt Lowry
Featuring: Trippz Michaud
Song: Leave
At the top of the month, we heard Connecticut buzzmaker Witty pour his soul out to an ex on the reader-acclaimed Like I Do. A few weeks on, the pain of heartbreak hasn’t exactly faded, but it seems to have been... More
Posted 9 months ago
Witty - Like I Do Artwork
Artist: Witt Lowry
Witty is a sharp lyricist, but don’t let his stage name give you the wrong impression. As those who tuned in for last month’s Dinner for Two already know, the Connecticut repper is less interested in coming up... More
Posted about 10 months ago
Witty - Dinner For Two Artwork
Artist: Witt Lowry
The table is set. There are candles. Dinner For Two is playing. But one seat is empty. Will you join Witty for the night? On the CT native and Booth newcomer’s latest buzz record, Witty lays it all on the line by... More
Posted about 11 months ago
Trippz Michaud ft. D-Pryde, Chris Miles & Witty - I Don’t Know Artwork
Featuring: Chris Miles | D-Pryde | Witt Lowry
At the top of the month, we heard Trippz Michaud and Toronto-repping guest D-Pryde narrate their transformation from high-school pariahs to rising rap stars (and certified chick magnets) on the reader-acclaimed Not Your Type.... More
Posted one year ago
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