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Allen Poe ft. Basement Up & Von Pea - Gina Artwork
Artist: Allen Poe
Featuring: Von Pea | Basement Up
Song: Gina
An underground buzzmaker hailing from Kentucky’s capital (that’s Frankfort, for those of y’all who didn’t have to memorize the state capitals in middle school), Allen Poe makes his DJBooth debut with... More
Posted on Jun 03, 2013
Von Pea & Aeon - Things Have Changed Artwork
Artist: Von Pea
“It’s funny how Things Have Changed, yet everything stays the same.” That seeming paradox is an apt description for the collaborative work of Von Pea and Aeon, in which throwback beats exist in harmony with... More
Posted on Mar 27, 2013
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Von Pea & Aeon - Duly Noted. (EP) Cover
Artist: Von Pea
In August 2012, Tanya Morgan emcee Von Pea was sitting in L.A. with new creative energy and nowhere to put it. Listening to a beat tape Tanya Morgan in-house producer Aeon gave him, Von began writing on his flight back to New... More
Posted on Mar 25, 2013
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Von Pea & Aeon - Alone Artwork
Artist: Von Pea
Song: Alone
Things Have Changed, single numero uno off Von Pea‘s next solo set, found the Tanya Morgan member expressing satisfaction with himself and his place in the hip-hop game. On the follow-up, he continues to speak to the... More
Posted on Mar 04, 2013
J.Lately ft. Von Pea & J.Good - Good Stuff Artwork
Artist: J.Lately
Featuring: Von Pea | J.Good
Months (and months) after making his DJBooth with last December’s Share The Love, Bay Area lyricist J. Lately has returned to our pages to express his appreciation for the Good Stuff with help from fellow emcees Von Pea... More
Posted on Sep 24, 2012
MIZ ft. Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) - I Gotcha Artwork
Artist: MIZ
Featuring: Von Pea
There’s no motivator like positively-directed spite. On I Gotcha, the latest single off Miz’ forthcoming street album, the Booth newcomer describes how the discouragement he received from teachers and peers only... More
Posted on Dec 02, 2011
J57 ft. Von Pea, Charlie Smarts, Andrew Thomas, Jefferson Price - Do Earth Artwork
Artist: J57
Featuring: Von Pea | Charlie Smarts
I don’t know why people think this hip-hop sh*t is so complicated. Forget the co-signs and viral marketing campaigns and hit singles. It’s been the same since Kool Herc was spinning block parties; take a dope beat and... More
Posted on Nov 09, 2011
Von Pea Pic
Featuring: Soul Khan | Von Pea | Sene
Before his new Fall FWD mixtape drops on March 1, Freestyle Series alum YC The Cynic drops the posse cut More and More.  The song, produced by J57, features guest bars from Booth regulars Soul Khan, Von Pea (of Tanya... More
Posted on Feb 25, 2011
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Von Pea Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive]

Every successful artist was once an ambitious youngster sitting behind a desk in a high-school classroom, tuning out teachers' words with daydreams of future fame and fortune. Von Pea is no exception; what is exceptional... More
Posted on Oct 12, 2010
Von Pea Pic
Artist: Von Pea
Fresh off the release of his mixtape debut, So Motivational!, Tanya Morgan emcee Von Pea is already hard at work on a full-fledged studio album. Since Pea’s Gotta Have It‘s central theme is the artist’s... More
Posted on Aug 22, 2010
Von Pea Pic
Artist: Von Pea
It’s common knowledge that, once you make it out of school and into the “real world,” all your doubts and insecurities disappear in a puff of smoke and you suddenly realize exactly what you need to be doing with... More
Posted on Jun 27, 2010