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Village of Pharaohs - Pharaodigm Shift Cover

Village of Pharaohs - Pharaodigm Shift

North Carolina hip-hop crew Village of Pharaohs has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners its latest digital album, Pharaodigm Shift. The project packs 13 original tracks from SkyHigh, WYZE, I.V. League, MMA and... More
Posted on Feb 24, 2014
Village of Pharaohs - High Esteem Artwork
As evidenced by the rave reviews the underground crew have garnered for their previous features, Hwy85 and Is It Love, North Carolina’s Village of Pharaohs is a crew our readers hold in very High Esteem. Which makes it... More
Posted on Feb 14, 2014
Village of Pharaohs ft. Playboy Tre - Runaway Slaves Artwork
Featuring: Playboy Tre
It was almost a year ago that Village Of Pharaohs made their Booth debut with If It’s Love (released on Valentines Day). How cool is it that their ninth feature, a Booth-exclusive world premiere, comes almost a year to... More
Posted on Feb 11, 2014
Village of Pharaohs ft. Jake Lambo - Release Artwork
Featuring: Jake Lambo
Song: Release
Previous features off Village of Pharaohs’ next independent full-length have found emcees MMA, SkyHigh and Marvel digging deep into the motivations behind their musical hustle and posing difficult questions about the... More
Posted on Jan 28, 2014
Village Of Pharaohs Pic
Song: I AM
First in Flight State crew Village of Pharaohs ended 2013 on a contemplative note, examining the motivations behind their hustle and striving to cultivate a mindstate conducive to success in December singles Gone and Here We... More
Posted on Jan 03, 2014
Village of Pharaohs - Here We Are Artwork
Sometimes, it takes two to make a thing go right, and sometimes threes a crowd, but what about four? Well, apparently, four makes a rap group. Hip-hop quartet Village Of Pharaohs returns to the Booth for the second time in a... More
Posted on Dec 18, 2013
Village of Pharaohs ft. JAYO - Gone Artwork
Song: Gone
Last we heard from Village of Pharaohs, the First in Flight State underground heavyweights had journeyed Back to Cairo-lina to rest, relax and reflect on their progress. Enjoyable as it is to visit home, you’ve... More
Posted on Dec 11, 2013
Village of Pharaohs - Back to Cairo-lina Artwork
Village of Pharaohs may be royalty in the North Carolina hip-hop scene but, unlike their Egyptian namesakes, they’ve had to build their pyramids on the sweat of their own brows. On the latest single off the... More
Posted on Nov 04, 2013
Editor's Pick
Village Of Pharaohs (VoP) - Hwy 85 Artwork
Song: Hwy 85
Fans of underground hip-hop will likely think of the Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks) formed group Army Of The Pharaohs when they see the latest cut from the hip-hop quartet, Village Of Pharaohs; however, don’t expect the... More
Posted on Mar 13, 2013
Village Of Pharaohs (VOP) - If It’s Love Artwork
Individuals whose jobs require them to be constantly on the move often find themselves torn between their passion for their calling and their love for a significant other—a dilemma which frequently leads to painful... More
Posted on Feb 14, 2013