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Uzi - I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up Artwork
Artist: Uzi
Alcohol induced escapism is America’s true favorite pastime. For every blue-collar tyrant, for every half-crazed girlfriend, there is a bottle to relieve the stress. Not to dismiss baseball, but there would be no league... More
Posted one week ago
Uzi - Riot Control Artwork
Artist: Uzi
Obviously still struggling with his sanity, Uzi drops off the title track to his upcoming album, Riot Control. With an appropriately aggressive beat from Markilla Beats backing him, Uzi showcases his high-octane, off-kilter... More
Posted 4 weeks ago
Uzi - I Think I’m Insane Artwork
Artist: Uzi
UPDATE: We’ve added the new Kameo Films-directed visuals to I Think I’m Insane. Since time hip-hop immemorial, rappers have been talking about how sick, ill, crazy, insane and twisted they are, but there... More
Posted about 2 months ago