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Artist: Triple C's
Featuring: Baby aka Birdman
Song: Go
Did you know that one of the two shortest possible sentences in the English language is “Go.”? It has a subject (the person being commanded to “go”) and a predicate (the command itself), the two parts necessary to... More
Posted 5 years ago
Artist: Triple C's
Featuring: Rick Ross
With the controversy around his previous work as a corrections officer behind him, Rick Ross is already back to work on his music, gearing up to release the first single from his April-bound album, Deeper Than Rap, on New... More
Posted 6 years ago
Artist: Rick Ross
Featuring: Shawty Lo | Triple C's | Flo Rida | Brisco
Nearly thirteen years ago, Rick Ross was just another struggling rapper in a city without much recognition in the hip-hop game.  The Carol City, Florida native knew his day would eventually come, but until he latched on... More
Posted 7 years ago
Artist: Rick Ross
Featuring: Triple C's
When a rap artist becomes successful, a sense of fulfillment —knowing you made it from a run-down hood life to lifestyles of the rich and famous—is sure to kick in.  It is important, however, not to let this... More
Posted 7 years ago
Artist: Triple C's
Featuring: Rick Ross | Brisco | Lil Wayne
I’m sure Bill O’Reily and his staff of unpaid interns can’t wait to use the new Triple C’s cut, Pill Poppin’, as proof that rappers don’t need to refrain from gun talk to still be irresponsible ‘role... More
Posted 7 years ago
Artist: Triple C's
Featuring: Brisco
The Carol City Cartel, made up of Rick Ross, Torch & Gunplay, is ready to feed off the success Ross provided with his Def Jam debut, Port of Miami.  Their single, Where You From?, featuring Poe Boy Entertainment... More
Posted 8 years ago
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