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Kalil Johnson ft. Top $ Raz - Dropkick Artwork

Kalil Johnson ft. Top $ Raz - Dropkick [Stream & Download]

Like most talented rhymesayers, Kalil Johnson is constantly beset by sucker MCs and other “weak motherf**kers” looking for a leg up. Rarely, however, does the same lame bother him twice; after experiencing the Newark... Read More

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Top $ Raz - You Love It Artwork

Top $ Raz - You Love It [Stream & Download]

Mondays? You hate ‘em. Work or school? Hate those too. New single from Top $ Raz? You Love It. After a brief absence from the Booth—his last feature, Fresh Out, hit our front page last August—the Queens emcee returns... Read More

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Top $ Raz - Fresh Out Artwork

Top $ Raz - Fresh Out [Stream & Download]

If you’re looking for someone who gives a f**k, you’re barking up the wrong tree—Top $ Raz is Fresh Out. Recently introduced to our pages via devil-may-care Booth debut and inaugural mixtape leak Race, the... Read More

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Top $ Raz - Race Artwork

Top $ Raz - Race [Stream & Download]

As a self-described mix of the iconic Notorious B.I.G. and equally grandiose A Tribe Called Quest, it’s safe to say that Queens emcee and Booth newcomer Top $ Raz represents his city to the fullest. While Raz may be a... Read More

Average Rating: 21021