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Tinie Tempah ft. Labrinth - Lover Not a Fighter Artwork
Featuring: Labrinth
Tinie Tempah may have a short fuse (or so I gather from his stage name), but deep down he’s a Lover Not a Fighter. On a new single off his sophomore full-length, the UK hitmaker lets female admirers know that he’s... More
Posted on Dec 13, 2013
Tinie Tempah ft. John Martin - Children of the Sun Artwork
Released back in July as the lead single off Tinie Tempah‘s sophomore set, Trampoline failed to dazzle DJBooth readers despite boasting a 2 Chainz guest verse and an adventurous, club-ready beat by superproducer Diplo.... More
Posted on Sep 24, 2013
Tinie Tempah ft. 2 Chainz - Trampoline Artwork
Featuring: 2 Chainz
As any insurance adjuster will tell you, setting a Trampoline up in your backyard is the very definition of a risky move. It’s appropriate, then, that Tinie Tempah‘s latest single, the first off his sophomore set,... More
Posted on Jul 30, 2013
Ellie Goulding ft. Tinie Tempah - Hanging On Artwork
Featuring: Tinie Tempah
One of the beautiful things about music in the digital age is that the walls that existed between genres are crumbling more by the day. In 2012 it’s not uncommon to hear a dubstep record featuring an indie rock sample with... More
Posted on Jul 12, 2012
Rita Ora ft. Tinie Tempah - R.I.P. Artwork
Artist: Rita Ora
Featuring: Tinie Tempah
Song: R.I.P.
Album: ORA
For most, learning that a potential romantic partner still isn’t over that last guy or girl is reason to tread lightly—or book it, depending on the strength of their feelings for said ex. Booth newcomer Rita Ora,... More
Posted on Feb 29, 2012
Eric Turner ft. Lupe Fiasco & Tinie Tempah - Angels & Stars Artwork
Featuring: Lupe Fiasco | Tinie Tempah
2012, meet Angels & Stars, the first stadium anthem of the year, courtesy of teacher-turned-singer Eric Turner. Featuring banging production from Swedish maestro iSHi and golden bars from Lupe Fiasco and Tinie Tempah,... More
Posted on Jan 31, 2012
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Tinie Tempah - Happy Birthday EP Cover

Tinie Tempah - Happy Birthday EP

London rhymesayer Tinie Tempah has hooked up with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Happy Birthday EP. The project features nine original records from the UK fast-riser, including... More
Posted on Dec 15, 2011
Tinie Tempah ft. Big Sean - Lucky C**t Artwork
Featuring: Big Sean
After receiving acclaim for his Disc-overy album back in June, British rapper Tinie Tempah is back with his latest single, Lucky C**t. Assisting Tinie on Lucky with the production duties is Wizzy Wow who provides an... More
Posted on Dec 05, 2011
Tinie Tempah ft. Wretch 32 & J. Cole - Like It or Love It Artwork
Featuring: Wretch 32 | J. Cole
Over the course of three featured jams and one acclaimed album, Tinie Tempah has never scored below a very respectable 3.3 stars/spins from our readership. With the London representative’s latest effort, the operative... More
Posted on Nov 28, 2011
Tinie Tempah Pic
Featuring: Wiz Khalifa | Pusha T | Jim Jones
Back in May, Tinie Tempah ended his much-buzzed-about current single with the prophetic line: “I’ll be doing this Till I’m Gone... but I won’t be gone for too long.” True to his word, the UK... More
Posted on Aug 31, 2011
Tinie Tempah - Disc-Overy Cover

Tinie Tempah - Disc-Overy

Although rock n’ roll was a purely American creation, inspired by the blues and created in back alley clubs from Chicago to Memphis, it was the British who took the Yankee invention and truly made it global. As The Beatles,... More
Posted on Jun 02, 2011
Tinie Tempah ft. Wiz Khalifa - Till I’m Gone Artwork
Featuring: Wiz Khalifa
While rock and R&B import artists from England to the U.S. on a seemingly daily basis, so far U.K. hip-hop artists have found crossing the proverbial pond a tricky proposition (word to Dizzee Rascal). Hoping to be the... More
Posted on May 11, 2011
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Tinie Tempah ft. Snoop Dogg - Pass Out Artwork
Tinie Tempah... sounds like an angry dude, right? Nah – short fuse or no, it’s pretty hard to be mad at the world when you’ve got a #1 hit and opening gigs with the likes of Jay-Z and Rihanna under your belt,... More
Posted on Nov 11, 2010