The Sleepwalkers - Best New Songs, Albums, & Features

Listen to the best new songs and albums from The Sleepwalkers as well as features written by the DJ Booth Staff. Last updated on December 15, 2011

The Sleepwalkers ft. Tunji, MURS & Noah King - One Artwork
Featuring: Tunji | MURS
Song: One
Been digging the album leaks The Sleepwalkers have been throwing our way for the past couple weeks? Well, today is your lucky day, because the L.A. beat crew is back with another One. This time around, the headliners enlist... More
Posted 3 years ago
The Sleepwalkers ft. Skeme & Lucky Seven - Break Bread Artwork
Featuring: Skeme
Fresh off earning reader approval for the Paul Wall, Skeme, Omar Cruz and NiRè AllDai-assisted Nightcrawler, The Sleepwalkers return to our pages with another fresh leak off their forthcoming street album. On Break Bread,... More
Posted 3 years ago
The Sleepwalkers ft. Paul Wall, Skeme, Omar Cruz & NiRè AllDai - Nightcrawler Artwork
Featuring: Paul Wall | Skeme
Fresh off hooking up with C-San and Casey Veggies on last week’s Double Up, The Sleepwalkers enlist a four-pack of collaborators for leak numero trois off their forthcoming album. An anthem for the nocturnal life,... More
Posted 3 years ago
The Sleepwalkers ft. C-San & Casey Veggies - Double Up Artwork
Featuring: Casey Veggies | C-San
Fresh off making their debut with the Booth-approved The Tuning Fork, The Sleepwalkers return to our pages with leak numero dos off their forthcoming LP release. This time around, C-San and Casey Veggies Double Up on the mic,... More
Posted 3 years ago
Editor's Pick
The Sleepwalkers ft. Sunni Colòn & Noah King - The Tuning Fork Artwork
Featuring: Sunni Colòn
In 2010 drama Stone, a murderer played by Edward Norton claims to have experienced a spiritual epiphany through sound, comparing his experience to being brought into harmony by “God’s Tuning Fork.” If that were... More
Posted 3 years ago
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