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Josh Xantus ft. Termanology - Car Fight Artwork
Featuring: Termanology
When I read the title off Josh Xantus‘s latest single and peeped the promo pic, I immediately envisioned some sort of demolition derby. Alas, Car Fight is unlikely to make it onto the soundtrack of a future Twisted... More
Posted on May 23, 2014
Termanology ft. REKS - The Mecca Artwork
Featuring: REKS
With the Boston Marathon fast approaching this Sunday, it’s only right that we put our full endorsement behind the latest video from Termanology. Shortfyuz‘s mixing of light-hearted chimes with some boom bap on... More
Posted on Apr 16, 2014
1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) ft. Ea$y Money - Sucker Free Artwork
Artist: 1982
Herbs, lames and fakes can hit the “back” button now. 1982 has declared this page a Sucker Free zone. Don’t worry; you probably wouldn’t have liked the record anyway. Now that they’re gone, those of us... More
Posted on Apr 08, 2014
Termanology ft. Ransom - Set It Off Artwork
Featuring: Ransom
Last featured in October with reader-approved mixtape inclusion I Rock Mics, Boston mic-murderer Termanology is back to light the fuse on his 2014 with Set It Off. Single numero uno off the ST. Records signee’s next EP,... More
Posted on Jan 09, 2014
Best of the Booth (Nov 17 - Nov 23, 2013) Playlist Image

Best of the Booth (Nov 17 - Nov 23, 2013)

We know how difficult it must be to listen to all the incredibly dope new audio and visual content that we crank out on a weekly basis.  It is for this reason that we’ve decided to compile 12 standout features from... More
Posted on Nov 24, 2013
Editor's Pick
Termanology ft. Sean Price & Lil Fame - I Rock Mics Artwork
Featuring: Sean Price | Lil' Fame
Termanology’s latest feature is entitled “I Rock Mics.” Also, the sky is blue and grass is green; tell us something we don’t already know, Term! While the Beantown native doesn’t need to say so,... More
Posted on Nov 21, 2013
Eddie B ft. Sean Price & Termanology - The Warning Artwork
Artist: Eddie B
Featuring: Sean Price | Termanology
Considering stepping to NYC buzzmaker Eddie B.? Well, consider his debut DJBooth feature your Warning; it’s the last one you’ll get before he lyrically annihilates you. This freshly-minted mixtape single finds... More
Posted on Nov 11, 2013
Termanology ft. Savannah Cross - American Dreamin Artwork
Album: GOYA
If you happen to see Termanology in the streets of Boston, walk up to him and pinch him hard; with the level of success the underground mainstay’s been enjoying lately, he needs a little help distinguishing between... More
Posted on Oct 25, 2013
Best of the Booth (Oct 6 - Oct 12, 2013) Playlist Image

Best of the Booth (Oct 6 - Oct 12, 2013)

We know how difficult it must be to listen to all the incredibly dope new audio and visual content that we crank out on a weekly basis.  It is for this reason that we’ve decided to compile 12 standout features from... More
Posted on Oct 14, 2013
Editor's Pick
Termanology ft. Action Bronson & Jared Evan - Take My Turn Artwork
Featuring: Action Bronson | Jared Evan
Album: GOYA
After countless hours of hustle and preparation, it’s finally Termanology‘s time to shine—and the Boston rhymesayer ain’t about to let the moment pass him by. Fresh off the release of his sixth independent... More
Posted on Oct 08, 2013
Termanology - GOYA Cover
Boston underground mainstay Termanology has liberated his latest independent full-length, the GOYA LP, Brick Records. The artist's first project since hooking up with Lil Fame to drop Fizzyology back in 2012, the album packs... More
Posted on Oct 07, 2013
Termanology ft. Inspectah Deck & Maffew Ragazino - You Ain’t Safe Artwork
Album: GOYA
If grimy, no-nonsense hip-hop gives you the willies, than I suggest locking your doors, boarding up the windows, and hiding under the bed for the next three minutes and 40 seconds. Unfortunately, even if you take all of those... More
Posted on Sep 27, 2013
Termanology ft. Sheek Louch & Lil Fame - Straight off the Block Artwork
Featuring: Sheek Louch | Lil' Fame
Album: GOYA
On 2004 hit Dirt off Your Shoulder, Jay Z emphasized that his lofty status and worldwide travels hadn’t weakened his ties to the streets: “N**ga London, Japan, and I’m Straight off the Block.” Termanology... More
Posted on Jul 25, 2013
Editor's Pick
Statik Selektah ft. Lecrae, Posdnuos (of De La Soul) & Termanology - Game Break Artwork
Featuring: Lecrae | Termanology
Album: Extended Play
On 1996 classic Sky’s the Limit, Notorious B.I.G. reflected on his (soon to be cut tragically short) future, spitting: “If the game shakes me or breaks me / I hope it makes me a better man / Take a better stand.”... More
Posted on Jun 04, 2013
Termanology Pic
Many emcees talk tough, but wouldn’t last for 15 minutes in the ‘hood after dark. Termanology is one of the few with the savoir-faire to withstand whatever the streets may throw at him—and if you don’t... More
Posted on May 09, 2013