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Listen to the best new songs and albums from Sydney Jay as well as features written by the DJ Booth Staff. Last updated on September 03, 2014

Sydney Jay - Same Page Artwork
Artist: Sydney Jay
Lies by omission, avoidance of uncomfortable topics and even outright deceit are sadly common in the realms of sex and romance but, for a happy love life, you and your partner have got to be on the Same Page. On her latest EP... More
Posted 6 months ago
Sydney Jay - Attention Artwork
Artist: Sydney Jay
When a new artist from the Chi’s vibrant music scene makes his or her debut on our pages, you owe it to yourself to pay Attention. That goes double, of course, when the record is a Booth-exclusive world premiere.... More
Posted about 9 months ago
Editor's Pick
Mayo ft. Sydney Jay - Memories Artwork
Artist: Mayo
Featuring: Sydney Jay
No amount of drinking, random hook-ups, or pints of ice cream eaten can erase the Memories of relationships past. On his first Booth feature spot of 2014, Chicago native Mayo shares some memories of an ex, both good and bad,... More
Posted one year ago
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