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Sunni Colòn - Thrill Artwork

Sunni Colòn - Thrill [Stream & Download]

Here at The DJBooth we’re always excited to share new artists with y’all, but I have to admit, I am even more Thrilled to bring our readers cuts from Booth favorites like Sunni Colòn. Knowing how much you love his... Read More

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Sunni Colón - The Els’ Flowers EP Cover

Sunni Colón - The Els’ Flowers EP [Album]

A triple-threat talent who can sing, rap and producer, Sunni Colón has released his latest EP, The Els’ Flowers. Having dazzled Booth readers with his versatile approach to music for the past few months, single selections... Read More

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Sunni Colòn - Telekinesis Artwork

Sunni Colòn - Telekinesis [Stream]

As a skilled singer, songwriter and producer, Sunni Colòn already seems supernaturally talented in comparison to your average Joe or Jane. Now, we learn that the man possesses the power of Telekinesis. Coming on the heels of... Read More

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Sunni Colòn - 1000 Roses Artwork

Sunni Colòn - 1000 Roses [Stream & Download]

Sunni Colón‘s last single, featured in late May, found him stating his belief in the power of Karma. If he was right and our good and bad deeds do indeed come back to us, then we in The DJBooth must be doing something... Read More

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Sunni Colón - Karma Artwork

Sunni Colón - Karma [Stream]

At the end of the day, do people get really get what they deserve? Sunni Colón, like many, wants to believe in the power of Karma—the alternative, that bad deeds go unpunished while the innocent suffer, is too painful to... Read More

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Sunni Colòn - Dearly Beloved Cover

Sunni Colòn - Dearly Beloved

Cali representative Sunni Colòn has released his first ever project, entitled Dearly Beloved. The album, which is sponsored by our friends at and is is available for free direct download through,... Read More

Sunni Colòn - Shrines Artwork

Sunni Colòn - Shrines [Stream & Download]

Less than one week after garnering positive reader reviews for LP inclusion Angels & Demons, Sunni Colòn returns with yet another freshly-minted record off his forthcoming full-length. On Shrines, the Golden State... Read More

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Sunni Colòn - Angels & Demons Artwork

Sunni Colòn - Angels & Demons [Stream & Download]

This past November, The Sleepwalkers enlisted the guest services of Sunni Colòn on inaugural mixtape leak The Tuning Fork. On Colòn’s latest feature, LP inclusion Angels and Demons, the Los Angeles beat crew return... Read More

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Sunni Colòn Pic

Sunni Colòn - Lost Tribe [Stream & Download]

It’s been a minute since last we heard from Sunni Colòn;  Goodnight, his first and to date only solo feature, hit our front page way back in April of 2010. Today, the West Coast buzzmaker makes his triumphant... Read More

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The Sleepwalkers ft. Sunni Colòn & Noah King - The Tuning Fork Artwork

The Sleepwalkers ft. Sunni Colòn & Noah King - The Tuning Fork [Stream & Download]

In 2010 drama Stone, a murderer played by Edward Norton claims to have experienced a spiritual epiphany through sound, comparing his experience to being brought into harmony by “God’s Tuning Fork.” If that were... Read More

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Sunni Colòn Pic

Sunni Ali Ber - Goodnight [Stream]

Do mic skills run in the family? The first Booth feature from Sunni Ali Ber, younger brother of Song of the Starz emcee Cobe Obeah, is certainly evidence to the affirmative. Mixtape leak Goodnight finds the Californian emcee... Read More

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