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Sterlen Roberts - My Girl [Stream]

Oakland, California, up-and-comer Sterlen Roberts boasts the pedigree—he’s the son of a Grammy-nominated producer/writer—and the experience—artists like Flavor Flav and Keyshia Cole have requested his tunes—to make... Read More

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Sterlen Roberts - Only Money [Stream]

Dual-threat rapper/producer Sterlen Roberts has drawn some comparisons to Kanye West.  There is, however, a crucial difference between the two: Sterlen Roberts does not believe in prenups. In fact, the Bay Area artist is... Read More

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Sterlen Roberts ft. Luke - She Works [Stream]

Rapper/producer Sterlen Roberts is leaving the underground to release his self-titled album The Eulogy of Sterlen Roberts.  Following his regional hit An Lean, his new single, She Works, is ready to rock the club. ... Read More

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Sterlen Roberts ft. Mistah F.A.B. & San Quinn - An Lean (Remix) [Stream]

A beneficiary of the recent Bay Area talent explosion, rapper/producer Sterlen Roberts is done only assisting others (Keyshia Cole, Flo Rida and Flava Flav to name a few).  Putting to the side his writing and cover... Read More

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