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Best of the Booth (Oct 6 - Oct 12, 2013) Playlist Image

Best of the Booth (Oct 6 - Oct 12, 2013)

We know how difficult it must be to listen to all the incredibly dope new audio and visual content that we crank out on a weekly basis.  It is for this reason that we’ve decided to compile 12 standout features from... More
Posted on Oct 14, 2013
Afrojack ft. Spree Wilson - The Spark Artwork
Featuring: Spree Wilson
I’m not gonna lie: sometimes it feels weird as hell to sit in front of my desk at 11:00 AM on a weekday, listening to bass-booming club music. DJ Afrojack‘s latest single, The Spark, is one of those rare... More
Posted on Oct 09, 2013
Editor's Pick
Tanya Morgan ft. Tiara Wiles, Mike Maven, Spree Wilson & Rocki Evans - The Only One Artwork
Featuring: Spree Wilson | Rocki Evans
Album: Rubber Souls
Striving for excellence in the music industry can be a lonely pursuit—even when you’re part of a duo. On their latest effort, a standout cut and potential single off their latest LP, Donwill and Von Pea of Tanya... More
Posted on Sep 25, 2013
Editor's Pick
Spree Wilson ft. Big K.R.I.T. - All Night Long Artwork
Featuring: Big K.R.I.T
In English translations of the Bible, the word “know” is often used as a polite euphemism for “f**k.” As in, “Behold, I have two daughters which have not known man.” With that in mind, it’s not hard to see... More
Posted on May 03, 2013
Editor's Pick
Spree Wilson - Life In Technicolor (Vol. 1) Cover
Spree Wilson is not your average artist. He cannot be defined or categorized, he cannot lazily be compared to others before him, and his music follows the age old quality over quantity methodology. It is for all of these... More
Posted on May 02, 2013
Editor's Pick
Spree Wilson ft. Go Dreamer - All I Need Artwork
Featuring: Go Dreamer
Back in October, when he dropped off the Atlanta bass-inspired Right One | Wrong Time, Spree Wilson was decidedly uninterested in getting wifed up. Well, a lot can evidently change in six months. Though the ATLien... More
Posted on Apr 10, 2013
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SMKA ft. Playboy Tre, Marian Mereba & Spree Wilson - Good Life Artwork
Artist: SMKA
Featuring: Playboy Tre | Spree Wilson
If there’s one thing that rap has taught me, it’s that people will go to astounding, and potentially fatal lengths in hopes of achieving that Good Life. The latest single off SMKA‘s forthcoming two-part... More
Posted on Mar 20, 2013
Editor's Pick
Spree Wilson - Right One | Wrong Time Artwork
Spree Wilson isn’t looking to get wifed up at the moment, but he’s not going to pass up the chance to spend some time with a woman who’s just his type. An homage to the body-moving grooves pioneered by... More
Posted on Mar 06, 2013
Go Dreamer ft. Spree Wilson - Match My Style Artwork
Artist: Go Dreamer
Featuring: Spree Wilson
The moment I stepped foot inside a venue at SXSW my senses were immediately filled with funky music and even funkier smells emitting through the speakers and blunts. The year was 2010 and I had walked into a SXSW showcase... More
Posted on Sep 06, 2012
Spree Wilson Pic
If we’ve come to expect one thing from Spree Wilson, it’s the unexpected. One minute the man’s delving into lushly philosophical territory (King Sh*t) and the next he’s comparing a lovely lady’s lust to a lethal... More
Posted on Feb 22, 2012
Spree Wilson - Sharpshooter Artwork
The last we heard from Spree Wilson he was proclaiming himself to be King Sh*t (not to be confused with the King of Sh*t.) Fans of the ATL singer/songwriter/professional boundary breaker shouldn’t be surprised then that... More
Posted on Feb 06, 2012
Spree Wilson Pic

Spree Wilson ft. Novel - King Sh*t (The Answer)

Spree Wilson has been in the studio for the last year working on his groundbreaking debut project The Spark. He has now finally re-emerged with his first offering called King Sh*t (The Answer), which features his frequent... More
Posted on Jan 09, 2012
Spree Wilson ft. Novel - King Sh*t (The Answer) Artwork
Featuring: Novel
Like a volcano suddenly erupting after being dormant for an extended period of time, Spree Wilson is breaking new ground. After a year in the studio, Spree is emerging with some robust new offerings that are sure to raise... More
Posted on Dec 20, 2011
Small Eyez ft. L-Marr the Star & Spree Wilson - Spread Em’ (The Most Radiant) Artwork
Artist: Small Eyez
Featuring: Spree Wilson
Prepare yourselves, Booth readers: Small Eyez is going to pummel your tender eardrums with his rock-hard dic… tion. Uh, let me rephrase that: on his latest feature, the Atlanta native invites listeners to Spread... More
Posted on Jul 06, 2011
Editor's Pick
Spree Wilson Pic
Artist: Muzi
Featuring: Aleon Craft | Spree Wilson
Whether it’s Prince waxing poetic about the allure of a Little Red Corvette or UGK admitting that women “...ain’t tripping on me, they wanna f*ck my car,” artists through the ages have recognized the erotic... More
Posted on Jul 05, 2011