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SB - Hidden Potential Artwork
Artist: Soulbrotha
When it comes to dropping knowledge within tightly wound verses, SB‘s (Soulbrotha) Potential is hardly Hidden. (See what I did there?) Nevertheless, on his latest single - an exclusive world premiere - the Houston emcee... More
Posted one month ago
Soulbrotha - Just Can’t Artwork
Artist: Soulbrotha
Chuck D. once famously called hip-hop “the black CNN.” Though many rappers fail to live up to that standard, the quote could hardly be more apt with regard to the music of Soulbrotha. On a past feature, the Houston native... More
Posted 4 months ago
SoulBrotha - Way of Love (Never out of Season) Artwork
Artist: Soulbrotha
Last heard bringing attention to the atrocities occurring in The Niger Delta on a bracing album cut, Soulbrotha returns to our pages with something a little more personal, but similarly earnest and poignant. On lead EP single... More
Posted 3 years ago
Soulbrotha - The Niger Delta Artwork
Artist: Soulbrotha
There are days when Chuck D‘s famous statement that rap is “the black CNN” seems a little over-generous (Since when is “I’m fly” headline news?), but this is not one of them. In fact, I’d venture a... More
Posted 4 years ago
Soulbrotha Pic
Artist: Soulbrotha
On newly-released promo single Life Is Crazy, Booth newcomer Soulbrotha expresses a popular sentiment that rings true regardless of how many times it’s repeated: we should appreciate the lives we’ve got, since... More
Posted 6 years ago
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