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Snake Hollywood - Artisan Artwork
Song: Artisan
In a game packed with rappers who seem to churn out tunes like so many assembly lines, Brooklyn buzzmaker Snake Hollywood is an old-fashioned Artisan. His records may take a little longer to perfect than your typical... More
Posted about 3 months ago
Snake Hollywood ft. Range Da Messenga - Our Way Artwork
Song: Our Way
On one of his most fondly remembered classics, Frank Sinatra looked back on his life and proudly announced, “I did it my way.” It’s a little early for Brooklyn buzzmaker Snake Hollywood to start reminiscing over his... More
Posted 9 months ago
Snake Hollywood - My Condolences… EP Cover
Brooklyn rhymesayer Snake Hollywood has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans a free re-release of his My Condolences... EP. The project, which originally dropped for digital purchase back in November 2012, is mixed... More
Posted one year ago
Snake Hollywood - Radio Silence Artwork
Loathing what’s currently on the airwaves is practically a prerequisite for a career as an underground emcee, but it’s been a hot minute since I heard someone rail as aggressively against mainsteam hip-hop as... More
Posted one year ago
Snake Hollywood ft. Ab-Soul - Choke Artwork
Featuring: Ab-Soul
Song: Choke
As a rapper, the last thing you want to do when introducing yourself to a new audience is Choke. Fortunately for Snake Hollywood, he’s not the one performing the titular action on his first Booth feature—on the... More
Posted one year ago
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