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Featuring: Sly Polaroid
With the release of his DJBooth-sponsored Best You Never Heard mixtape, underground mainstay Mikkey Halsted intends to bring the uninitiated up to speed on what he’s all about. Lesson one in the Windy City emcee’s... More
Posted on Feb 07, 2010
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Artist: Ben One
Featuring: Twista | Sly Polaroid
Despite being a tad bit late to feature Ben One‘s Shawnna-assisted single, Never Leave My Girl, the Booth has rebounded to make up for the minor setback.  How?  By being one of the first places to feature the... More
Posted on Dec 08, 2008
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Artist: DJ Pharris
Featuring: Game | Rick Ross | Sly Polaroid
After releasing See It 4 Ya Self, How 2 Act, Head Noddin’, and The Money, Chicago’s very own DJ Pharris has brought forth his best shot yet at a hit compilation single.  Since the DJs of the world are... More
Posted on Nov 12, 2008