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Shawn Chrystopher - Jaded Artwork
Song: Jaded
When you’ve spent enough time in the music game—or any game—you’re bound to become a little Jaded. Cynicism generally tends to put a damper on creativity, but it only seems to have invigorated Inglewood phenom... More
Posted on Aug 07, 2014
Shawn Chrystopher - Faithful Artwork
Even in the midst of a breezy summer romance, jealousy rarely fails to rear its ugly head. On his next independent full-length’s new single, making its world premiere on our front page, longtime DJBooth fave Shawn... More
Posted on Jul 18, 2014
Shawn Chrystopher - Did It Twice Artwork
When it comes to life’s pleasures—drinks, dope verses, rounds in the bedroom—one just ain’t enough. At the very least, you’ve got to double up. On promo cut Did It Twice, the Inglewood phenom’s... More
Posted on Jul 09, 2014
Shawn Chrystopher - The Lovestory LP Cover
Inglewood emcee Shawn Chrystopher has unleashed his latest album-length collection of original material, The Lovestory LP, which is can be streamed in full here at The DJBooth. Considered by the artist to be his studio... More
Posted on Jul 23, 2013
Shawn Chrystopher - Biscayne Artwork
Earlier this week, I traveled up to Maine to visit my folks. While it has been cloudy and rainy all week, gloomy weather didn’t stop me from going swimming. As soon as I jumped in, however, I knew I had made a mistake,... More
Posted on Jul 03, 2013
Shawn Chrystopher ft. Buddy - BYD Artwork
Featuring: Buddy
Song: BYD
Sometimes, for an artist, it can be hard to tell if a new record is dope or not, since the Yes-men in their corner won’t tell them the honest truth (“Ya sh*t stinks, keep it movin!). It isn’t difficult,... More
Posted on Jun 07, 2013
Connor Evans ft. Shawn Chrystopher - Hipsters & PrimaDonnas Artwork
Featuring: Shawn Chrystopher
It’s been a few weeks since Redlands, Cali rhymesayer Connor Evans wrapped up promotion for his DJBooth-hosted #GreenLightLife tape with video single Home to the West. While he’s spent that time unwinding by... More
Posted on May 13, 2013
Shawn Chrystopher - Minding My Business Artwork
Once a regular fixture in the Booth, Shawn Chrystopher has been absent from our pages since the July 2012 release of his lovestory mixtape. Today, the Los Angeles native breaks his silence with Minding My Business, a pensive... More
Posted on May 08, 2013
Planet VI, G-Scott & Shawn Chrystopher - Doin’ Here Artwork
Artist: Planet VI
Featuring: G-Scott | Shawn Chrystopher
There’s no telling who will pop up on a given track off SMKA and The Flush‘s forthcoming A3C compilation; previously-released joints Turn Around, Swisha and The Sparks have featured emerging artists from... More
Posted on Nov 16, 2012
Shawn Chrystopher - lovestory Cover
Album: lovestory
Following his highly rated album Silent Films for the Blind, west coast up-and-comer Shawn Chrystopher has released his next project, lovestory. Featuring lead singles One of My Homies and H-Town (Remix), Shawn's album... More
Posted on Jul 26, 2012
Shawn Chrystopher Pic
Featuring: GLC
Album: lovestory
Shawn Chrystopher may hail from Inglewood, California, but the emcee has mad respect for H-Town. With that said, his latest feature (presented here in its officially remixed form) has less to do with the Lone Star... More
Posted on Jun 25, 2012
Sean Falyon ft. Shawn Chrystopher - We On Artwork
Featuring: Shawn Chrystopher
Song: We On
While Sean Falyon‘s last feature, Mouthful of Lies, polarized Booth readers, Sean Falyon hasn’t lost one iota of confidence. On his latest mixtape leak, the Philadelphia repper states with utter self-assurance,... More
Posted on May 31, 2012
Shawn Chrystopher Pic
Album: lovestory
The next time someone asks you about your friends, don’t respond with that old TLC one-liner. This morning, Shawn Chrystopher leaked that new-new so now you can respond with some new slanguistics. One of My Homies... More
Posted on Feb 08, 2012
Shawn Chrystopher Pic
With Drake‘s Club Paradise earning heavy spins in the Booth and beyond, Inglewood fave Shawn Chrystopher has decided to jump on the single’s 40-produced instrumental. On new freestyle/remix Ringtone Paradise, the... More
Posted on Oct 24, 2011
Shawn Chrystopher - Name on My Heart Artwork
As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, cuff season is approaching us and many of us fellas are looking for a special girl to stay close to for the wintertime.  While Drake has taken the approach of getting... More
Posted on Sep 21, 2011