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Artist: Sa-Ra
Jazz aficionados in the Booth are likely familiar with Sun Ra, a legendary piano/keyboard player famous both for his musical talent and his eccentric personal mythology (he claimed in all seriousness that he was from Saturn,... More
Posted about 6 years ago
Artist: Sa-Ra
You’re feeling like a high roller so you go to the trendy new restaurant downtown, the type of place that doesn’t even have a sign outside. You’re presented with plate after plate of foods you don’t recognize and the... More
Posted 8 years ago
Artist: Sa-Ra
Featuring: Talib Kweli
Master producers Taz Arnold, Shafiq Husayn and Om’Mas Keith collectively form the group Sa-Ra.  This trio is out to bring originality and creativity back to the music scene with their new single, Feel the... More
Posted 8 years ago

Babygrande Records releases Sa-Ra Creative Partners & Polyrhythm Addicts

NEW YORK, NY -- Along with the March 13th release of Gillie Da Kid's "The Best of the GDK Mixtapes" (check out the latest RIGHT NOW for Gillie talking more smack about Lil' Wayne, Cash Money and more... More
Posted 8 years ago
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