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Russ, The Wild Card #TopProspects [Feature ]

When we announced our new Top Prospects, I stressed that the series wasn't about predicting who will blow up next. If we were trying to do that, we'd take a look at what's currently popular, find all... Read More

Russ ft. Chiddy Bang - Understand Artwork

Russ ft. Chiddy Bang - Understand [Stream & Download]

Do you Understand that Russ is the man? If not, you most definitely will by the time you’re finished listening to his latest promo single. Coming on the heels of album inclusion Comin Thru, this freshly-released loosie... Read More

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Russ - Comin Thru Artwork

Russ - Comin Thru [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Russ, the Diemon representative was reflecting on the true nature of intimacy on Naked, single numero uno off his next independent album. On follow-up Comin Thru, the Booth regular gets back down to... Read More

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DJBooth Announces Our New Top Prospects…. [Feature ]

Here at DJBooth we do more than just pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve, we consider finding new artists and giving them a platform an essential, fundamental part of our jobs. Sure, we all want to talk about that new... Read More

Russ - Silence Cover

Russ - Silence [Album]

In the noisy, chaotic world of the 21st Century, we could all use the occasional moment of peace and quiet. Emcee/producer Russ's latest full-length, the follow-up to March release Brain Dead, doesn't contain literal Silence,... Read More

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Russ - Naked Artwork

Russ - Naked [Stream & Download]

Intimacy ain’t simply a matter of taking off your clothes. While Russ‘s latest single finds him fantasizing about seeing a certain woman Naked, what he’s looking for is a little more than skin deep: “Not... Read More

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Russ - Lucy Artwork

Russ - Lucy [Stream]

Festival season is in full swing with the passing of Coachella, and that means everyone is breaking out their “Have you seen Molly?” t-shirts. But for Atlanta emcee/producer Russ, it’s all about Lucy. In a... Read More

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Russ - Brain Dead Cover

Russ - Brain Dead [Album]

Two months ago he let the Pink Elephant out of the bag, but that wasn't Russ' only act. No, the DIEMON artist and producer is back, having unleashed Brain Dead, his second full-length project of the new year. Led by... Read More

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Russ - Murder Me Artwork

Russ - Murder Me [Stream]

Last month’s We Should All Burn Together, the final single (to date) off Russ‘s DJBooth-featured Pink Elephants tape, was an acoustic guitar-driven ballad with a tranquil, breezy feel. The lead single off his next... Read More

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Russ - We Should All Burn Together Artwork

Russ - We Should All Burn Together [Stream]

Don’t let the title of Russ‘s latest feature fool you; “We Should All Burn Together” sounds like something that would come out the mouth of a fire-and-brimstone preacher, but the spiritual outlook the DIEMON... Read More

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Russ - Goodbye [Stream & Download]

Don’t worry; even though Russ‘s latest single is titled Goodbye, he is not leaving our pages anytime soon. In fact, next week his Pink Elephant album will be available for free streaming and download here in the... Read More

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Russ - Pink Elephant Cover

Russ - Pink Elephant [Album]

Buzzmaking rapper and producer Russ has unleashed his latest digital full-length, Pink Elephant. The project chronicles the end of the artist's relationship with Paola Pretti, the title character from track 10 off the... Read More

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