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“Google Me Bitch”: A Lyrical Album Review of Rittz’ “Next to Nothing”

Rittz' Next to Nothing album just dropped, and now that it's hit the collective ear drums of the world, I'm sure there will be no shortage of words spilled about it: album reviews, think pieces about the... More
Posted on Sep 09, 2014
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Rittz - Next to Nothing Cover
Artist: Rittz
Rittz' "Next to Nothing" album just dropped, and now that it's hit the collective ear drums of the world, I'm sure there will be no shortage of words spilled about it: album reviews, think pieces about the state of white... More
Posted on Sep 08, 2014
Rittz - Crown Royal Artwork
Artist: Rittz
If there’s one emcee I can’t picture sipping pricey cognac, Rosé or other beverages commonly name-dropped among rap’s upper crust, it’s Rittz. I can, however, see him getting down with a bottle of... More
Posted on Sep 03, 2014
Rittz ft. Twista - Bounce Artwork
Artist: Rittz
Featuring: Twista
Song: Bounce
When you see either Rittz or Twista show up on the Booth front page, you can be relatively confident you’re about to hear a lot of syllables delivered extremely quickly. When they show up on a single jam together, well,... More
Posted on Aug 26, 2014
Rittz - White Rapper Artwork
Artist: Rittz
The recent success of Iggy Azalea has reminded us that White Rappers can do anything—including adopting any accent—their darker-skinned peers can do. (Whether they should, well, that’s up for debate.) Still, the... More
Posted on Aug 19, 2014
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Interview With a “White Rapper”: Rittz on Race, Respect & Hip-Hop

As a white person who both loves hip-hop and has made it my occupation, I often think about how I maneuver in an art form rooted in experiences and circumstances drastically different than my own. And I only write about... More
Posted on Aug 19, 2014
Rittz - Turn Down Artwork
Artist: Rittz
UPDATE: We’ve added the brand new Anthony Devera-directed visuals for Turn Down. Last week, Rittz teased his upcoming LP with the release of the Yelawolf-assisted Profit, his first solo feature on our pages in more... More
Posted on Aug 05, 2014
Rittz ft. Yelawolf & Shawty Fatt - Profit Artwork
Artist: Rittz
Featuring: Yelawolf
Song: Profit
For the past 12 months and change we’ve heard Next to Nothing from Rittz. Sure, he’s dropped by for the occasional guest appearance, but that’s pretty thin gruel compared to the volume of content he’s... More
Posted on Aug 01, 2014
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Tour Buses & Titty Signings: Life With Rittz on the OD Tour

Concert reviews are a lot like that epic party that you missed. It never sounds as good the day after, and really, unless you were there, you just don't have the same experience. Hearing about how Action Bronson scrapped with... More
Posted on Jun 24, 2014
Wrekonize ft. Tech N9ne & Rittz - Freak (Extended Mix) Artwork
Artist: Wrekonize
Featuring: Tech N9ne | Rittz
Back in May of 2013, when Wrekonize brought us the world premiere of single Freak, many listeners expressed their wish that the song had been a bit longer. Well, those complaints didn’t fall upon deaf ears. It’s... More
Posted on May 19, 2014
RyattFienix ft. Rittz - Suicide Artwork
Featuring: Rittz
Song: Suicide
Back in January, DJBooth’s sister site, RefinedHype.com, declared RyattFienix the next artist to blow. Obviously their editors are not psychic, but they are totally on to something. The artist’s last single,... More
Posted on Feb 16, 2014
35 Essential Strange Music Songs Playlist Image

35 Essential Strange Music Songs

The indie sector is now a thriving in hip-hop thanks to the hard work, perseverance, and inherit dopiness of some of the indie labels out there. The pinnacle of success in this indie circuit has to be considered Strange... More
Posted on Dec 02, 2013
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Rittz Embarks on National “Life & Times” Tour With Jarren Benton & Snow Tha Product

New York, N.Y. -- Tonight, Slumerican/Strange Music signee and longtime Booth fave Rittz will be kicking off his Life + Times Tour with a show at Murfreesboro, Tennessee's Main Street Live venue. Running through December 8,... More
Posted on Oct 31, 2013
Tom P ft. Rittz - Sloppy Seconds Artwork
Artist: Tom P
Featuring: Rittz
Normally, there’s nothing appetizing about Sloppy Seconds. When they’re being served up by an artist as talented as Tom P., though, it’s tough to resist digging in. On this newly-released mixtape inclusion,... More
Posted on Oct 20, 2013
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Stevie Stone ft. Rittz & Tech N9ne - The Baptism Artwork
Featuring: Rittz | Tech N9ne
You aren’t a member of the church of Stevie Stone? Well, hold your nose, dip back and get ready for The Baptism. While the title might make Stone’s record sound like a hymn, don’t expect to hear the ominous, Josh... More
Posted on Aug 13, 2013