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Driving Through My Life With Raury’s “Indigo Child” (Album Review) [Feature ]

Now that I’m a month away from 26, I'm getting really worried. I just assumed something would happen and I would move away from home, but clearly that's not the case. I have already written ad nauseam about the... Read More

Raury - Superfly Artwork

Raury - Superfly [Stream]

Earlier today, 18-year-old singer-songwriter Raury unleashed his highly-anticipated debut project. Though we’ve already brought y’all two acclaimed singles off the set (God’s Whisper and Cigarette Song),... Read More

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Raury - Indigo Child EP Cover

Raury - Indigo Child EP [Album]

Music is more than just music. Music is a marker in time. I use songs and albums the way people use photos. I have memories and relationships with certain music based on who I was when it influenced me. For example, College... Read Full Review

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Raury - Cigarette Song Artwork

Raury - Cigarette Song [Stream]

It’s unfortunate, but true: many of the most enjoyable things in life are also the most hazardous to your health. Like smoking, or (in some circumstances) casual sex. On Cigarette Song, his first feature since... Read More

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Raury - Sunshine Artwork

Raury - Sunshine [Stream]

Most high school prom experiences are a combination of awkward moments and water bottles filled with vodka; rarely is it as glamorous as Hollywood makes the event out to be… unless, of course, you are Raury‘s... Read More

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Raury - God’s Whisper Artwork

Raury - God’s Whisper [Stream]

Raury may be new to both the Booth and the industry, but he’s got one thing even the game’s heaviest hitters don’t: a direct line to the Man Upstairs. On his latest promotional single, the East ATLien... Read More

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