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Apollo Brown & Ras Kass ft. Pharoahe Monch & Rakaa Iriscience - H20 Artwork
Featuring: Ras Kass | Pharoahe Monch | Rakaa
Song: H20
Album: Blasphemy
Ras Kass is best known for his provocative commentary on social and political issues, but the West Coast mainstay is just as captivating when he’s tackling more personal subject matter. Don’t believe me? Simply... More
Posted about 8 months ago
Analogic ft. Evidence, Rakaa & Sean Boog - Twenty Squared Artwork
Artist: Analogic
Featuring: Evidence | Rakaa | Sean Boog
Talk to ‘Em, Analogic‘s last feature on our pages, fell short of winning Booth approval despite some enjoyably gritty bars from Kenn Starr. But you know what? F**k the past. As the Garden State producer emphasizes... More
Posted one year ago
The Seed ft. Rakaa (of Dilated Peoples) - Hands High Artwork
Artist: The Seed
Featuring: Rakaa
Fans at a hip-hop show can always count on an emcee instructing everyone to “throw your hands up high!” Whether it’s a backpacker or trap-rapper, the command to get your get your Hands High is the universal call for... More
Posted 2 years ago
Rakaa Pic
Artist: Rakaa
Featuring: Fashawn | Evidence | Defari
Though anguished lead single/album title track Crown of Thorns met a warm reception in the Booth, readers may nonetheless be relieved to know that its brooding tone doesn’t pervade Dilated Peoples vet Rakaa... More
Posted 4 years ago
Rakaa Pic
Artist: Rakaa
Featuring: Aloe Blacc
With the release of the Dilated Peoples member’s first solo full-length on the horizon, you’d think Rakaa Iriscience would be feeling on top of the world (if a little nervous, maybe). Apparently, you’d be... More
Posted 4 years ago
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