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Feature Image x “Uncut Raw” Remix Contest

The DJBooth has partnered with for a truly remarkable remix contest for all up and coming producers! Choosing the Prodigy-assisted single, "Uncut Raw," taken fromm Havoc's 13 Reloaded... More
Posted 2 months ago
Havoc ft. Prodigy - Uncut Raw Artwork
Artist: Havoc
Featuring: Prodigy
Though Havoc‘s latest project finds him stepping out from beneath the Mobb Deep umbrella, the Queensbridge veteran wasn’t about to leave his longtime partner-in-rhyme out of the guest lineup. On aptly-titled... More
Posted 4 months ago
Your Old Droog ft. Prodigy - Hoodie Weather Artwork
Featuring: Prodigy
Though NYC is currently experiencing one last blast of summer heat, Hoodie Weather is just around the corner. Your Old Droog, for one, can’t wait to bust out the sweats and thermals. On the latest single off his... More
Posted 7 months ago
50 Cent ft. Prodigy, Kidd Kidd & Styles P - Chase The Paper Artwork
Artist: 50 Cent
Featuring: Prodigy | Kidd Kidd | Styles P
While you probably spent your weekend mornings nursing a hangover, 50 Cent is ignoring your girl’s call five times at a video shoot with tricked out vehicles I don’t even know the names of. In his latest video for... More
Posted about 12 months ago
Vado ft. Chinx & Prodigy - Zoo Muzik Artwork
Artist: Vado
Featuring: Prodigy
As I am sure you’re probably aware, today is April 20; better known as “4/20.” Typical weed song releases will do, but sometimes you need to change it up to keep the smokin’ vibe going (it can’t... More
Posted one year ago
Editor's Pick
BAU Music Presents The Alchemist & Budgie ft. Prodigy & Roc Marciano - In Heaven’s Home Artwork
Artist: BAU Music
In this digitally-focused day and age, album packaging has been pushed into the background. The Alchemist and Budgie, however, are looking to counter that trend with their forthcoming collaborative project, a boxed set which... More
Posted one year ago
Prodigy & The Alchemist - Murder Goes Down Artwork
Artist: Prodigy
Featuring: The Alchemist
Though they work on opposite sides of the boards, Prodigy and Alchemist have both built up a reputation for killin’ it. So when the Mobb Deep rhymesayer and veteran West Coast beatsmith get together, it’s pretty... More
Posted one year ago
Sean C & LV ft. Prodigy, Bun B, CharlieRED & Remy Banks - Where’s Your Leader? Artwork
Featuring: Prodigy | Bun B | CharlieRED
With the myriad troubles facing the world today, we could use a Martin Luther King, Jr. or a Nelson Mandela to take charge and steer us toward a brighter tomorrow. On the lead single off their forthcoming full-length, veteran... More
Posted one year ago
Editor's Pick
Troy Ave ft. Raekwon, Noreaga & Prodigy - New York City Artwork
Artist: Troy Ave
Featuring: Raekwon | N.O.R.E | Prodigy
With his next project, Troy Ave intends to sum up all five boroughs of hip-hop’s hometown in a single album. It’s an audacious move coming from an unsigned upstart, but before you judge the emcee for his hubris,... More
Posted one year ago
Durag Dynasty ft. Prodigy - Fish Meat Artwork
Featuring: Prodigy
Like seafood? Then the debut feature and latest single from Durag Dynasty is liable to kill your appetite for a good, long while. If you’re fond of certifiably gully West Coast hip-hop, on the other hand, your mouth... More
Posted one year ago
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