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Artist: Pleasure P
Song: Do You
Back in 2009, on one of his biggest solo records to date, Pleasure P. let the world know that, for the right woman, he was perfectly happy being Boyfriend #2. Five years later, his attitude on the subject hasn’t changed... More
Posted 5 months ago
Featuring: TeeFLii | Pleasure P
Song: Valet
Eric Bellinger‘s last single saw him dealing with the Awkwardness of a clingy ex. Evidently he was able to shake her off, because he’s clearly operating at max suavitude (Yeah, I know that’s not a word) on... More
Posted 7 months ago
Artist: Pleasure P
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the single among us are undoubtedly spending more time than usual browsing old flames’ Facebook pages, thinking about what might have been and maybe even debating dropping... More
Posted one year ago
Artist: Pleasure P
Think you don’t have a chance with Pleasure P? Don’t think so fast. On promo single I Love Girls, his first release as part of the eOne stable, the Pretty Ricky alumnus fills listeners in on just how wide-ranging... More
Posted 2 years ago
Artist: Pleasure P
Song: Hush
A seasoned vet at incognito romance (remember Boyfriend #2?), Pretty Ricky alumnus Pleasure P engages in another Hush-hush affair on the latest single off his sophomore solo set. Here, Corian D. Jackson’ smooth... More
Posted 3 years ago
Artist: Pleasure P
While DJBooth always focuses on the music, we’ll let the fine folks at the gossip sites bury themselves in dirt, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that the last few months have been rocky for Pleasure P. Hoping... More
Posted about 4 years ago
Artist: Pleasure P
Featuring: LeToya
Sadly, during this part of the year, romantic holidays are few and far between (unless Halloween is your freak night, which raises more questions than it answers). Fortunately for listeners, Pleasure P wants to make every... More
Posted 4 years ago
Artist: Pleasure P
Featuring: Lil Jon
Going to the club with Lil Jon is not for the faint of heart… or liver. Sure, he can party, but when you’re too drunk to see straight, is the Crunk King going to be offering you a chalice of ice water? Au... More
Posted 4 years ago
Artist: Pleasure P
Believe it or not, being a paragon of male attractiveness has its drawbacks. And if you’re not willing to take it from me (though I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be), take it from Pleasure P. On Change... More
Posted about 5 years ago
Featuring: Pleasure P
As anyone who knows me well can attest, I have a very dirty mind, so you can only imagine the jokes that went through my head when I heard the title of Sean Kingston’s single Face Drop. However, the last thing I need right... More
Posted 5 years ago
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