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OB OBrien ft. Drake & P. Reign - Schemin’ Up Artwork
Artist: OB OBrien
Featuring: Drake | P. Reign
OB OBrien hasn’t made an appearance on our front page for more than half a year, but by no means has he been idle. The OVO signee’s been spending his time plotting to conquer the rap game and get his paper up in... More
Posted 3 months ago
Feature Image

Meet OVO’s Next Generation, OB O’Brien & Jimmy Johnson

In case you were wondering, my birthday is October 5. So basically, not only do I have the most popular birthday, but it also means I get to be a part of Drake's OVO crew. Everybody and their grandmother knows who Drake is,... More
Posted 9 months ago
OB OBrien x Drake - 2 On/Thotful Artwork
Artist: OB OBrien
Featuring: Drake
Back in January, OVO signee OB OBrien introduced himself with Steve Nash, a boastful joint inspired by the titular Lakers point guard. The response on our pages was positive, but a bit muted. His second feature, however, is... More
Posted 10 months ago
OB OBrien - Steve Nash Artwork
Artist: OB OBrien
Though Steve Nash came up north of the border, his skills on the court have made him a major presence Stateside. OVO signed emcee OB OBrien, a native of Westdale Village, Ontario, hopes to replicate that feat in the music... More
Posted one year ago
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