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Ski Beatz ft. Rugz D. Bewler & Nicole Wray - Thank God Artwork
Artist: Ski Beatz
Inspired by a classic scene from Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, Ski Beatz and his collaborators Thank God for the pleasures of the flesh on the fifth single/video off his newest solo set. Here, the veteran... More
Posted on Mar 28, 2012
Nicole Wray Pic
Featuring: Nicole Wray
Everyone loves a Winner’s Parade. Well, except for the losers. And I guess the people who have to clean up all that confetti off the streets afterwards. They probably hate parades. Wait, where was I? Ah yes, tabi Bonney’s... More
Posted on Sep 08, 2011
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Since her debut album, Make It Hot, was released in ‘98, R&B singer Nicole Wray has gone for a ride on the career roller coaster.  After having two full-length albums (Elektric Blue, Lovechild) go unreleased... More
Posted on Jan 24, 2008
Nicole Wray Pic
R&B singer Nicole Wray‘s new single Dear Father is the lead from her highly anticipated new album, Young, Talented and Beautiful.  Her last officially released album Make It Hot was critically acclaimed and... More
Posted on Mar 16, 2007