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Bobby Shmurda ft. Jah X, Mavado, Junior Reid & Popcaan - Hot N*gga (Reggae Mix) Artwork
Featuring: Mavado | Junior Reid | Popcaan
Bobby Shmurda... Though the young emcee’s 15 minutes of fame have only barely begun, many hip-hop heads’ hackles raise at the very sound of his name. Hell, we in the Booth featured an editorial titled “Bobby... More
Posted on Aug 29, 2014
LL Cool J ft. Mavado - The Hustler Artwork
Artist: LL Cool J
Featuring: Mavado
LL Cool J is known more as a lover than a fighter (except for that one time), but that doesn’t mean the hip-hop veteran can’t get gully when he wants to. On freshly-minted street single The Hustler, Cool James... More
Posted on Jul 25, 2014
Mavado ft. Nicki Minaj - Give It All to Me Artwork
Artist: Mavado
Featuring: Nicki Minaj
Last heard contributing guest vocals to French Montana‘s hit street single, F**k What Happen Tonight, Mavado returns to the solo hustle with freshly-minted promo cut Give It All to Me. On this catchy, club-ready... More
Posted on Aug 26, 2013
French Montana ft. Mavado, Ace Hood, Snoop Dogg & Scarface - F**k What Happen Tonight Artwork
Featuring: Mavado | Ace Hood | Snoop Dogg | Scarface
For most, strolling the streets of certain ‘hoods after dark is a terrifying prospect. All the predators lurking in the shadows of the urban jungle, however, are nothing to French Montana, as long as he’s... More
Posted on May 09, 2013
Mavado ft. Akon & Rick Ross - Rise Up Artwork
Artist: Mavado
Featuring: Akon | Rick Ross
Song: Rise Up
On May 1, International Worker’s Day, labor supporters worldwide hit the streets to demonstrate in support of worker’s rights. (In the U.S., it’s known by the less politically-charged moniker, “May Day”)... More
Posted on May 01, 2013
French Montana ft. DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Mavado, Wale, Nicki Minaj - Freaks (Remix) Artwork
Summer is fast approaching and, well, that means a few things as the temperature begins to heat up. First, drinking an ice cold beer (or seven) after you get off of work is perfectly normal and acceptable. Second, songs we... More
Posted on Apr 26, 2013
Mavado Pic
Artist: Vado
Featuring: Mavado | Ace Hood
Song: Gangsta
Thus far in 2013, Vado‘s faced a tough crowd in the Booth. Neither Slime Flu 3 lead single Right Now nor Funk Flex compilation inclusion Don’t Make Me Do It have managed to earn more than two stars from our... More
Posted on Mar 29, 2013
Editor's Pick
Snoop Lion ft. Mavado & Popcaan - Lighters Up Artwork
Artist: Snoop Lion
Featuring: Mavado | Popcaan
Album: Reincarnated
Just a week after garnering respectable reader reviews for Here Comes the King, Snoop Lion returns to our pages with another fresh single (the third in total) off his forthcoming reggae debut. Major Lazer reprise their role... More
Posted on Feb 03, 2013
Mavado Pic
Artist: DJ Khaled
Featuring: Mavado | Ace Hood | French Montana
On Kiss the Ring inclusion So Suicidal, featured back in late August, Mavado admitted that, while he’s proud to call himself a “gangster for life,” that title often feels less like a laurel wreath than a noose just... More
Posted on Oct 12, 2012
Mavado - So Suicidal Artwork
Artist: Mavado
Mavado is as attached to his skin as the next guy, but he holds no illusions about the dangers of his line of work. Though he considers himself a “gangsta for life,” he’s well aware that a stray bullet could bring... More
Posted on Aug 28, 2012
Mavado Pic
Artist: Mavado
When it comes to women, Mavado looks for more than a pretty face. You’ve gotta be a Soulja Girl: ready, willing and able to hold him down through “the toughest of times.” Having found a female with the heart and... More
Posted on Mar 14, 2012
Cris Cab ft. Mavado & Wyclef - Rihanna’s Gun Artwork
Artist: Cris Cab
Featuring: Wyclef Jean | Mavado
If you’re like me, then you’re probably always searching the internets occasionally uber-ridiculous web videos for hidden gems that you immediately email to all your friends. One of 2011’s biggest breakthrough hits... More
Posted on Jan 26, 2012
Mavado ft. Akon - Survivor Artwork
Artist: Mavado
Featuring: Akon
I think we can now officially declare Akon hip-hop’s official Survivor. In 2005 Young Jeezy grabbed Kon for his single Soul Survivor, last summer Akon dropped street single Still a Survivor and now Movado’s once again... More
Posted on Nov 23, 2011
Mavado Pic
Artist: Mavado
Featuring: Ace Hood
Call 911, it’s an Emergency! Not really—unless you got so excited at the prospect of a new Mavado single that you had a heart attack. Then you should actually call 911. The artist’s first effort since... More
Posted on Sep 02, 2011
Mavado Pic
Featuring: Mavado
In the wake of the tragic events unfolding in Haiti, Wyclef Jean has emerged as a leading advocate for aid to Haiti’s people, so it’s not surprising that he’s put his sizable musical talents to work on Hold On... More
Posted on Jan 25, 2010