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Mike Schpitz - Animal House Artwork
Last we heard from Mike Schpitz, The DJBooth regular was considering a run for City Council. On the follow-up, we find him engaging in the kind of activities that, if caught on camera, would imperil his chances of holding any... More
Posted about 5 months ago
Mike Schpitz ft. Pedro Bizz Juanjulio & Stik Figa - City Council Artwork
Featuring: Stik Figa
No, Mike Schpitz isn’t going into local politics—as dope as that would undoubtedly be. The title of new promo single City Council (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!) refers to Mike and two other emcees who are holding... More
Posted 6 months ago
Mike Schpitz ft. Briana - Still High Artwork
To many contemporary hip-hop fans, 2002 is practically old-school. Yeah, it makes me feel ancient too. But, you know what? There are some things that haven’t changed in the last decade or so. For example, Mike Schpitz... More
Posted 7 months ago
Mike Schpitz x DJ S. Ranx - #TopekaTape Cover
Album: #TopekaTape
Topeka, Kansas isn't known as a musical hotbed, but emcee Mike Schpitz and DJ S. Ranx are looking to change that with their new compilation. Presented by The DJBooth and local media company The Midwest Invasion, the... More
Posted 8 months ago
Pete Sayke ft. Mike Schpitz, Add-2 & Slot-A - Been Dope Artwork
Artist: Pete Sayke
Featuring: Mike Schpitz | Add-2 | SLOT-A
Album: Forever
If you’ve been slacking on your DJBooth readership lately, you might hit play on this brand new single and think, “Wow, these Midwest cats are talented!” Regular visitors to our pages, of course, know that Pete... More
Posted about 11 months ago
Mike Schpitz Pic
Featuring: SLOT-A
If you think about it, Kansan emcee Mike Schpitz and Windy City rapper/producer Slot-A are a lot like Mike Lawry and Marcus Burnett from 1995 action flick Bad Boys. I mean, there are two of them, one is named “Mike”...... More
Posted 11 months ago
Editor's Pick
Mike Schpitz - Paid Time Off Cover
Album: Paid Time Off
In late August, Booth regular Mike Schpitz delivered The Prize Package Volume 2: Live From the Blap Cave, a free project hosted by The DJBooth. Most artists would wait more than four months, to brainstorm, create, record and... More
Posted one year ago
Editor's Pick
Mike Schpitz - Halo Artwork
Song: Halo
Mike Schpitz doesn’t harbor any illusions about his mortality. Like all of us, the Kansas City-born, Chicago-based rhymesayer is gonna get fitted for his Halo sooner or later. While he’s still on this earth,... More
Posted one year ago
Mike Schpitz - The Prize Package Volume 2: Live From the Blap Cave Cover
Mike Schpitz has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, The Prize Package Volume 2: Live From the Blap Cave. The prelude to the Kansan rhymesayer's sophomore collaborative set with Phys... More
Posted one year ago
Mike Schpitz - EyeF**k Artwork
Song: EyeF**k
I’m not gonna lie: upon first reading the title of Mike Schpitz’ latest single (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!), I immediately pictured the Chicago-by-way-of-Kansas emcee leering salaciously at women on the... More
Posted one year ago
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