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Reggie Bonds ft. Mick Jenkins - Ol Dirty Bastard Artwork
Featuring: Mick Jenkins
“Really I don’t know sh*t, I’m just an Ol Dirty Bastard from the devil’s pit.” That’s how Reggie Bonds begins his first Booth feature but, like Big Baby Jesus himself, the Milwaukee representative... More
Posted 2 weeks ago
Mick Jenkins Pic
DJBooth Top Prospect Mick Jenkins and Supa BEW aren’t running from the truth or hiding behind ignorance, they are attempting to tame the elephant in the room. Police brutality and racial discrimination has been... More
Posted 3 weeks ago
Mick Jenkins - Rain Artwork
When an album is as magnificently crafted as Mick Jenkins‘s The Water[s], you can be sure that quite a few records have been left on the cutting-room floor. Today, the Chi-Town buzzmaker and DJBooth Top Prospect blesses... More
Posted one month ago
Mick Jenkins - DJBooth RapBox Freestyle Artwork
Let’s take it back to the days of banging on the lunch table in the cafeteria, competing with your friends to drop the illest raps as your man beat boxes in the corner. How an emcee performs with just a beat box backing... More
Posted one month ago
Ricky Dubs ft. Mick Jenkins & YC The Cynic - Keep It 100 Artwork
Artist: Ricky Dubs
Featuring: Mick Jenkins | YC the Cynic
Chicago’s Mick Jenkins and Bronx native YC The Cynic may hail from different regions, but their similarities far outweight their differences. For example, neither is able to tolerate even the faintest whiff of fakeness.... More
Posted 2 months ago
Mick Jenkins - The Water[s] Cover
Album: The Water[s]
As much as I love the internet, TV, video games, my computer, Netflix, my iPod and everything else I totally don't need, the truth is that they're all dangerous. We get so wrapped up in our things, we often forget what life... More
Posted 2 months ago
Mick Jenkins - Jazz Artwork
Song: Jazz
Album: The Water[s]
Hip-hop is Mick Jenkins‘s stock-in-trade, but the Windy City representative is also an avid appreciator of Jazz. In fact, on his latest single the DJBooth Top Prospect boasts, “The boy got some Miles Davis in him.”... More
Posted 2 months ago
The DJBooth Top Prospects EP (Vol. 1) Cover
A month ago we announced our new Top Prospects series, aimed at identifying some of the best new talent in the game. Now, we're proud to close out our first group of artists with the inaugural Top Prospects EP, featuring... More
Posted about 3 months ago
Feature Image

Mick Jenkins, The Conscience #TopProspects

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when the word "conscience" became a taboo in hip-hop, when a simple test - "Do these words actually mean anything?" - went from an essential tenet of rapping to an albatross. It... More
Posted 3 months ago
Editor's Pick
Mick Jenkins - Lazarus Artwork
Song: Lazarus
Album: The Water[s]
Mick Jenkins may dub himself “young Lazarus” on his latest feature, but don’t get it twisted: the record is less a return from the dead than the continuation of an ongoing rise to prominence. Earlier this year, the... More
Posted 3 months ago

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