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Michael Christmas, The Original #TopProspects [Feature ]

Why is Michael Christmas a DJBooth Top Prospect? We couldn't tell you, preciely, and that's the point. In the age of the internet it's easier than ever to turn music into a statistical equation. If you're... Read More

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DJBooth Announces Our New Top Prospects…. [Feature ]

Here at DJBooth we do more than just pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve, we consider finding new artists and giving them a platform an essential, fundamental part of our jobs. Sure, we all want to talk about that new... Read More

Michael Christmas - Y’all Trippin Artwork

Michael Christmas - Y’all Trippin [Stream]

You could make a typical rap video featuring cars, jewelry and women. Or…you could make a rap video featuring an intricate dance battle. If you’re the latter kind of person, you’re probably Boston emcee... Read More

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Natural ft. Michael Christmas - City Kids (Remix) Artwork

Natural ft. Michael Christmas - City Kids (Remix) [Stream & Download]

When Natural first dropped City Kids back in April, the response on our pages was tremendous. Readers awarded the cut an average of 4.0 stars, praising the artist’s deft bars as well as Teddy Roxpin‘s production.... Read More

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Michael Christmas - Is This Art? Cover

Michael Christmas - Is This Art? [Album]

Boston reppin', heavily pop-culture influenced emcee Michael Christmas asks the question, Is This Art?, on his newly-released album. In an effort to answer his question, listeners will run into two Booth-approved selections... Read More

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Michael Christmas - Leonard Washington Artwork

Michael Christmas - Leonard Washington [Stream]

Relatively new to the Booth with only two previous features, Michael Christmas has been welcomed with open arms. His last feature, December’s Jackie Brown, was one to remember. Well, now Christmas returns with a song... Read More

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This Week in Hype: 2014 Grammy Rant, Rap Aliases With Michael Christmas & More [Feature ]

Fresh off narrowly escaping arrest after drag racing with Justin Bieber, I'm back for yet another edition of the "This Week in Hype" podcast. FREE THE BIEBZ!!!   This week, I attempt to review the 2014 Grammy... Read More

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Michael Christmas ft. Manu Manzo - Jackie Brown [Stream]

Though his name is perfect for the season, rest assured Michael Christmas didn’t get this feature based on that; the 19-year old emcee can really spit. For evidence of this fact, look no further than new promo single... Read More

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Michael Christmas - Michael Cera [Stream]

A world-famous actor who’s built a career on playing awkward, weedy teenagers and young men, Michael Cera is living proof that you can have star power despite a congenital lack of smoothness. That quality has made him a... Read More

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