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Featuring: Mario Winans
Album: PV$$Y RICH
Wais P. really hit the ground running at the top of 2013; earlier this month, we heard him contribute guest bars to Saheed‘s Movement, and just yesterday he unleashed his first street album of the new year. Today, the... More
Posted 2 years ago
Turn down the lights, pour a drink and cue up the Boyz II Men, it’s break-up time again. Speaking from recent experience, ending a relationship (or having it end on you) comes with some heavy emotional realizations, one of... More
Posted 5 years ago
Artist: Ashanti
Featuring: Mario Winans
Evidently, Ashanti has never sat down with a pair of headphones and listened to the Diddy and Keyshia Cole collaboration, Last Night.  If she had, it would be easy to hear that Mario Winans, the producer of the chart... More
Posted 7 years ago
Artist: Diddy
Featuring: Mario Winans
Yo, Diddy is a hit machine.  I’d love to rag on him because he’s certainly successful, smug and rich enough to take the abuse, but the truth is he keeps producing songs that are tight, smart and infectious. ... More
Posted 7 years ago
Artist: Rick Ross
Featuring: Mario Winans
Album: Port of Miami
Rick Ross slows down on his fourth single from the near-Platinum Port of Miami.  After working up a sweat hustling to push blow (and yes that was a play on his song titles), Ross is accompanied by producer Mario Winans... More
Posted 8 years ago
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