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Maino ft. Meek Mill & Yo Gotti - All These Hoes Artwork
Artist: Maino
Featuring: Meek Mill | Yo Gotti
Every monarch needs a mistress or two (...dozen), and Maino, the self-proclaimed King of Brooklyn, is no exception. There are plenty of qualified candidates ready and waiting to fill the position, as we learn on his latest... More
Posted one month ago
Maino ft. French Montana, B.o.B & Tweezie - Dreamer Artwork
Artist: Maino
Featuring: French Montana | B.o.B | Tweezie
Song: Dreamer
Once upon a time, people scoffed at Maino, calling him a Dreamer. Now, he’s a full-time baller, and his doubters are eating crow. On a fresh single off his next mixtape, the Brooklyn street mainstay looks back on his... More
Posted 2 months ago
Maino ft. Mack Wilds - All About You Artwork
Artist: Maino
Featuring: Mack Wilds
If you’re going to make your next single a cover, you might as well cover the best—and that’s exactly what Maino does on the latest release off his upcoming street album. Featured in conjunction with an unknown... More
Posted 4 months ago
Scott King ft. Maino - Kings Artwork
Artist: Scott King
Featuring: Maino
Song: Kings
Q Da Kid‘s gone through some serious changes since stepping into the Booth with his Trendin’ Topic mixtape back in early 2011. Most significantly, he ain’t a kid anymore; he’s a king. Now going by... More
Posted 5 months ago
Maino ft. Vado - Focused Artwork
Artist: Maino
Featuring: Vado
Song: Focused
Take it from a certified ADD case: all the talent in the world makes no difference when you can’t stay Focused on what you’re doing. Maino clearly doesn’t have any problems on that front; on a fresh street... More
Posted 7 months ago
Westbay ft. Maino - Fly With Him Artwork
Artist: Westbay
Featuring: Maino
Album: Spread Love
I hope you’re not afraid of heights, Booth readers. Westbay is in the building and he’s extending y’all an exclusive invitation to “come Fly With Him.” And I do mean “exclusive—this cut, the... More
Posted 7 months ago
Maino - King of Brooklyn EP Cover
Artist: Maino
NYC street mainstay Maino has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the King of Brooklyn EP. The third EP of his career, the project directly follows 2012 sophomore full-length The Day After Tomorrow. It... More
Posted 10 months ago
Maino ft. Meek Mill & Troy Ave - Lights Camera Action Artwork
Artist: Maino
Featuring: Meek Mill | Troy Ave
Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for last week’s Watch Me Do It, Maino returns to our pages with another fresh street single off his forthcoming EP. On the newly-released Lights Camera Action, the NYC street... More
Posted about 11 months ago
Maino ft. T.I. & French Montana - Watch Me Do It Artwork
Artist: Maino
Featuring: T.I. | French Montana
If the Nielsen ratings show a steep drop-off in overall TV viewership in the Brooklyn area, there’s a perfectly rational explanation: everyone has their eyes glued to Maino. On Watch Me Do It, the latest single off his... More
Posted 11 months ago
DJ MoonDawg ft L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Maino & John Blu - Bet That Artwork
Plenty of artists will swear up and down that you’re going to love their next record, but DJ MoonDawg is one of the few willing to put money on it. In fact, not only would the Chi-town representative stake his fortune... More
Posted one year ago
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