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Artist: DJ Bizzy
Featuring: MURS | Macy Gray | Thurz
Song: No War
Sometimes, when several talented artists come together on a song, there can be a battle for the spotlight. Lucky for us, MURS, Tru Wordz, Thurz and Macy Gray are all grown, educated adults, so instead of feuding with each... More
Posted one year ago
Artist: N.O.R.E
Featuring: Macy Gray
Ah, Electrolytes... they got me through many a difficult morning back in the day. As it turns out, that’s something (possibly the only thing) that I have in common with N.O.R.E., who pays tribute to the... More
Posted 3 years ago
Artist: Macy Gray
Judging by the title of Macy Gray‘s latest buzz single, one would expect the record to be some sort of catfighters’ anthem, but the sandpaper-voiced singer is full of surprises; continuing in the hedonistic vein... More
Posted 6 years ago
Artist: Macy Gray
With troubled stars like Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan indulging in cocaine, it seems like the fad is catching on. Macy Gray, best known for her husky voice and her hit, I Try, pays homage to her powder-loving pals with the... More
Posted 6 years ago
Artist: Macy Gray
Featuring: Game
Whether you think Macy Gray sounds more like Billie Holiday or like nails on a chalkboard, you have to concede one point: the woman does her own thing on the mic. After winning a Grammy for her single I Try in 2001 and... More
Posted 7 years ago
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