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Lyfe Jennings - Lucid Cover

Lyfe Jennings - Lucid [Album]

Platinum-selling singer/songwriter Lyfe Jennings has unleashed his latest full-length, Lucid, which can be streamed in-full at The DJBooth. His fifth album in total, the project is Lyfe's first since 2010's I Still Believe.... Read More

Lyfe Jennings - I Wish Artwork

Lyfe Jennings - I Wish [Stream]

I may not live in a magic lamp (though I sometimes feel like I do, given the size of New York apartments), but I do have the power to grant you whatever your heart desires. Just make sure you have a microphone enabled, and... Read More

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Lyfe Jennings - Boomerang Artwork

Lyfe Jennings - Boomerang [Stream]

Regardless of where your spiritual beliefs lie, you should think twice before to scoffing at the notion of karma. One way or another, the world seems to work itself out so that what goes around always comes around. Veteran... Read More

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Lyfe Jennings - I Still Believe Cover

Lyfe Jennings - I Still Believe [Album]

We’ve been here before. Jay-Z swore that the Black Album was his swan song; he’s now dropped three post-“retirement” albums with more on the way. Lupe Fiasco insisted that he’d drop his third album, LupEND, and then... Read Full Review

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Lyfe Jennings - Spotlight Artwork

Lyfe Jennings - Spotlight [Stream]

On Lyfe Jennings’ last single, the r&b vet did the seemingly impossible and made the bone-dry topic of Statistics seem sexy. How do you follow up such a dazzling feat? While I had my fingers crossed for a... Read More

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Lyfe Jennings Previews Final Album, I Still Believe (Exclusive Video Interview) [Feature ]

Lyfe Jennings, the famously raspy-voiced R&B singer, has released three albums since 2004. His debut album 268-192 remains a classic in the eyes of many, and his follow-ups did not disappoint. However, all things must come... Read More

Lyfe Jennings - Statistics Artwork

Lyfe Jennings - Statistics [Stream]

After reading the title of Lyfe Jennings’ latest single, Statistics, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – but I was definitely not expecting to hear the Jesus Swings/Asylum/WMG singer deliver a thought-provoking... Read More

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Lyfe Jennings Pic

Lyfe Jennings - Busy [Stream]

Have you ever felt neglected in a relationship? If so, then Lyfe Jennings has just made your new anthem. On his new single Busy, Lyfe assumes the role of a man whose significant other refuses to show him enough attention.... Read More

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Lyfe Jennings Pic

Lyfe Jennings - If I Knew Then [Stream]

Man, if I knew then what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have bought that MC Hammer tape and those parachute pants. (Hey, take it easy on me, I was eight.) The wish that your younger, more reckless self had the wisdom you... Read More

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Lyfe Jennings Pic

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ft. Jay Rush & Lyfe Jennings - See Me Shine [Stream]

As a legendary, universally acclaimed five-piece group who have influenced countless hip-hop acts, I doubt the recently-reunited Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are on the receiving end of a whole lot of hate. Regardless, the... Read More

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Lyfe Jennings Pic

Lyfe Jennings - Haters [Stream]

Last we saw Lyfe Jennings, he had just dropped his junior album, Lyfe Change, which earned the first 4.5-star, “Near-Classic” rating of ‘08 (and one of only five to date) from our resident album reviewer,... Read More

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Lyfe Jennings - Lyfe Change Cover

Lyfe Jennings - Lyfe Change [Album]

Unlike some other people I can mention, Lyfe Jennings has actually done time in prison. I point that out not to add fuel to the gossip fire, but because those hard times have embedded Lyfe’s voice with a raspy weariness... Read Full Review

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