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DJ E-V ft. Lorine Chia & Machine Gun Kelly - Good Time Artwork

DJ E-V ft. Lorine Chia & Machine Gun Kelly - Good Time [Stream]

I’ve been writing for The DJBooth for a hot minute now, but it still feels pretty damn strange to sit in front of my desk at 1:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, listening to adrenaline-pumping club bangers. My brain says... Read More

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Lorine Chia - Naked Truths Cover

Lorine Chia - Naked Truths [Album]

Imagine an individual who modestly boasts a voice justifiably likened to singing legends of decades past--soulful queens who quietly ruled over their respective genres during reigns that lasted far past their own lifetimes.... Read Full Review

Lorine Chia - Eve’s Perspective Artwork

Lorine Chia - Eve’s Perspective [Stream]

The way the Book of Genesis tells it, Adam and Eve’s fall from grace was a consequence of the latter’s lust for knowledge, which allowed her to be seduced and manipulated by the wily serpent. But have you ever... Read More

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Lorine Chia - Fly High Artwork

Lorine Chia - Fly High [Stream]

Lorine Chia‘s debut DJBooth feature, December 2012’s Crazy Things, saw the Cameroonian-born, Cleveland-based up-and-comer struggling to extricate herself from a relationship that was sinking fast. Tough as it may... Read More

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Lorine Chia - Crazy Things Artwork

Lorine Chia - Crazy Things [Stream]

Unless you have been living on Mars for the past two years, I am sure you have heard Ellie Goulding’s hit single Lights in one form or another. Despite the song’s popularity, and tendency to be sampled, newcomer... Read More

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