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Editor's Pick
KON Sci (of MindsOne) ft. DJ Slim Deluxe - Possibilities Artwork
From geocentrism to Newtonian physics, countless theories have been accepted as true only to be turned upside down when new information forced us to reconsider deeply-held assumptions about the workings of the universe.... More
Posted 2 years ago
KON Sci (of MindsOne) - Dire Straits Artwork
Ever bust out your NES to revisit some retro-gaming memories and pop in a copy of Super Mario or Castlevania, only to find that dust in the cartridge has transformed those familiar stages into glitchy (but dope-looking)... More
Posted 2 years ago
L’Orange ft. Kaimbr, Kon Sci & Legacy - My Time Artwork
Artist: L'Orange
Song: My Time
For as much as hip-hop artists say they’re about their paper, their chosen pathway to riches certainly isn’t the easiest one—and I’m willing to bet that Booth newcomer L’Orange is far from the... More
Posted 3 years ago
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