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Keyshia Cole - SHE Artwork
Song: SHE
Last we heard from Keyshia Cole, back in March, a recent heartbreak had inspired her to give up romance entirely. Fast-forward three months, and I’m happy to say the hitmaking R&B songstress has regained her... More
Posted on Jun 24, 2014
Keyshia Cole - Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away) Artwork
Featured on our front page just yesterday, the first single off Keyshia Cole‘s sixth studio album found her threatening to “slap a b*tch like Rick James” in response to her partner’s infidelity. One day later,... More
Posted on Mar 20, 2014
Keyshia Cole ft. Juicy J - Rick James Artwork
Featuring: Juicy J
Last we heard from Keyshia Cole, the Californian-born R&B songstress was addressing female fans Woman to Woman on a 2012 full-length. Two years down the line, her attitude toward her gender has changed significantly—and... More
Posted on Mar 19, 2014
Keyshia Cole - Woman to Woman Cover
Grammy-nominated recording artist Keshia Cole has released her fifth studio album, Woman to Woman. The follow-up to 2010's Calling All Hearts, Woman to Woman comes heralded by reader-approved, Lil Wayne-assisted lead single... More
Posted on Nov 18, 2012
Keyshia Cole Pic
R&B soulstress Keyshia Cole had Enough Of Love on her Lil Wayne-assisted, lead single back in July and it sounds like matters of love haven’t improved on her latest single, Trust And Believe. Despite a newfound... More
Posted on Nov 14, 2012
Keyshia Cole ft. Meek Mill - Zero Artwork
Featuring: Meek Mill
Song: Zero
Keyshia Cole may be an R&B star, but she seems like a pretty level headed woman. She is happy to rush home to get dinner started for her boo and doesn’t mind staying out all night with his homies, but the one thing that... More
Posted on Nov 09, 2012
Keyshia Cole ft. Lil Wayne - Enough Of No Love Artwork
Featuring: Lil Wayne
Considering that, aside from one essentially random release, it’s been more than three years since we’ve truly heard new material from Keyshia Cole, I think we can call this a comeback. Right? No matter what you call it,... More
Posted on Aug 01, 2012
Keyshia Cole Pic
Artist: DJ Khaled
Featuring: Chris Brown | Keyshia Cole | Ne-Yo
Making a sharp turn from his usual club-ready sound (i.e. I’m on One), DJ Khaled enlists a few R&B power players for his newest single, Legendary. Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, and Ne-Yo balance each other effortlessly on... More
Posted on Sep 06, 2011
Keyshia Cole ft. Nicki Minaj - I Ain’t Thru Artwork
Featuring: Nicki Minaj
Keyshia Cole is back y’all! Fresh out the gate of New Mommyville, she’s adamant to remind everyone “ain’t nobody iller than me” in her new single I Ain’t Thru. What, you thought just because her BET... More
Posted on Oct 19, 2010
R. Kelly ft. T-Pain & Keyshia Cole - Number One (Remix) Artwork
Artist: R. Kelly
Featuring: T-Pain | Keyshia Cole
A new track with R. Kelly, T-Pain and Keyshia Cole!? Thank you sweet baby Jesus, thank you. By themselves T-Pain and R. Kelly are usually hilarious enough, but together the potential for catchy R&B comedy is off the... More
Posted on Sep 29, 2009
Keyshia Cole Pic
Featuring: Keyshia Cole | Trina
Ever since mainstream audiences were first exposed to her via Xzibit‘s ‘04 hit, Hey Now (Mean Muggin’), Keri Hilson has been angling to parlay her success as a songwriter/producer into an equally acclaimed... More
Posted on Mar 10, 2009
Feature Image

Keyshia Cole’s “A Different Me” Goes Gold

New York, NY -- Four-time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and platinum-plus-selling R&B star Keyshia Cole has another hit on her hands. In three short weeks A Different Me sold more than 500 thousand units, giving... More
Posted on Jan 09, 2009
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Lil Wayne Says “I Am Music,” Then Backs Up Claim on Concert Tour [Exclusive Coverage]

This election season, Barack Obama was anointed as the candidate who could bring our country together; starting in January of the new year, we’ll all get a chance to see if in fact he is capable of achieving the lofty goals... More
Posted on Dec 28, 2008
Keyshia Cole - A Different Me Cover
Keyshia Cole has said her biggest musical influence is Mary J. Blige, and if that’s true she’s following in her role model’s footsteps precisely. In fact, Cole is next in line to inherit the Queen of R&B crown from Ms.... More
Posted on Dec 14, 2008
Keyshia Cole Pic
On December 16, Keyshia Cole will release her third studio album.  Although the project is titled A Different Me, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter is hoping to achieve the same success that she saw on her sophomore... More
Posted on Dec 04, 2008