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Kevin Cossom - No Mo’ Artwork
Song: No Mo'
Still lacking a drop date for his long-delayed debut album, Kevin Cossom has focused on penning records for other artists in the meantime. But that isn’t to say he hasn’t been putting in work on the solo tip; in fact,... More
Posted 2 months ago
Kevin Cossom - Tell Me Something Artwork
Tell Me Something: are you hankering for some smooth, sensual R&B this Tuesday morning? I’mma go ahead and assume the answer’s yes, since you clicked on the latest feature from N.A.R.S. singer/songwriter and... More
Posted 4 months ago
Kevin Cossom ft. Ace Hood - FTOB Artwork
Featuring: Ace Hood
Song: FTOB
You know you’ve got it bad for your boo when straying isn’t even a temptation. Such is clearly the case for N.A.R.S. R&B singer Kevin Cossom who, on his latest promo record, lets his main chick know that... More
Posted 5 months ago
Kevin Cossom - Mind Eraser Artwork
After a hard week, I fully understand the need to “medicate” with your Mind Eraser of choice. This week, however, I would caution against blasting your brain to oblivion, because I wouldn’t want you erasing the memory... More
Posted one year ago
Kevin Cossom Pic
Singer/songwriter Kevin Cossum is here to sing your girl out of her panties with his sensual whispers on his current single, Sexy Time. After all, who can resist a guy who seems to be taking a cue from Borat’s cheeky... More
Posted 2 years ago
Kevin Cossom ft. Ariez Onasis - Ready Set Go Artwork
Featuring: Ariez Onasis
Back in February, Ariez Onasis solicited the guest assistance of Panhandle State singer/songwriter Kevin Cossom for Loving Me Now, a Heartbreak Kid single which found the Dice Music Group emcee spitting about one of his... More
Posted 2 years ago
Kevin Cossom - Lay Up Artwork
Song: Lay Up
The fact that I instantly through about basketball instead of lovemaking when I heard the title of Kevin Cossom’s new single Lay Up is the best sign yet that I need to spend less time thinking about the looming NBA playoffs... More
Posted 3 years ago
Ariez Onasis ft. Kevin Cossom - Loving Me Now Artwork
Featuring: Kevin Cossom
On Ariez Onasis last feature, Victim, the Massachusetts rhymesayer waxed braggadocious about his knack for womanizing—and won rave reader reviews for his trouble. Today, the freestyle alum returns to revisit the theme... More
Posted 3 years ago
Kevin Cossom - Love Thru The Speaker Artwork
Though being in a relationship with a heavyweight R&B singer often means not being able to see your significant other as often as you’d like, I imagine there’s a great deal of comfort in knowing that you need... More
Posted 3 years ago
Wale ft. Rick Ross & Kevin Cossom - Best Night Ever Artwork
Artist: Wale
Featuring: Rick Ross | Kevin Cossom
Though Wale‘s previous single, Chain Music won respectable reader reviews when it hit our frontpage back in the beginning of September, there were those who weren’t digging its flashy, street-oriented style.... More
Posted 3 years ago
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