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Kev Decor - BANG Artwork

Kev Decor - BANG [Stream & Download]

When you’re hungry as it is and you’re aware of the absurd waste by the wealthy, you have no choice but to go after yours. And if that door between you and eating is locked, you kick it down. That’s exactly... Read More

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Kev Decor - Cops Artwork

Kev Decor - Cops [Stream]

Normally, I try to avoid the police (especially when driving), but I might have to call the Cops on Kev Decor, because he just committed murder. The victim? A feathery, synth-driven beat by the artist himself (Can you commit... Read More

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Kev Decor - UP & UP Artwork

Kev Decor - UP & UP [Stream & Download]

I’m not entirely sure how to introduce Kev Decor, because the Jersey newcomer does it all: he raps, he produces, he sings, he even directs his own visuals. On his debut feature and latest promo single, UP & UP, the... Read More

Average Rating: 43210