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Listen to the best new songs and albums from Kali Uchis as well as features written by the DJ Booth Staff. Last updated on January 20, 2015

Kali Uchis - Lottery Artwork
Artist: Kali Uchis
Song: Lottery
Next to winning the Lottery, there’s nothing doper than taking a chance on a new record by an up-and-coming artist and discovering your new favorite song. The former may be about as likely as getting struck by lightning... More
Posted about 3 months ago
Kali Uchis - Real Artwork
Artist: Kali Uchis
Song: Real
Rappers are constantly talking about the importance of Realness, and bemoaning its scarcity in the game. Given the vital role honesty and authenticity play in romantic relationships, R&B singers should be equally... More
Posted 8 months ago
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