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Russ ft. John Anthony & Bugus - Reality Kings Artwork
Artist: Russ
Featuring: John Anthony | Bugus
Album: Vacation
After moonlighting as one of many Gods Of Bingo on his last Vacation release, DIEMON crew representer Russ returns to our pages for his authentically real cut Reality Kings. From being short a few bucks to dish out to ones... More
Posted on Oct 30, 2012
Russ ft. Bugus & John Anthony - Gods of Bingo Artwork
Artist: Russ
Featuring: Bugus | John Anthony
Album: Vacation
Thought winning big at your local bingo parlor was simply a matter of luck and vocal projection? Well, you’re right—that’s pretty much all there is to it. As such, it’s doubtful that Russ’ latest... More
Posted on Oct 21, 2012
John Anthony - Swat City Artwork
Last we saw John Anthony, the DIEMON representer was in a dark mood, pondering what would happen were he to dietodae. Well, I’m happy to say that, as of today, the Southern spitter is still alive and kicking—a fact... More
Posted on Oct 08, 2012
John Anthony - dietodae Artwork
If the slightly ominous title of John Anthony’s newest song release dietodae has you a little frightened, fear not because this is the last leak we’ll be receiving from the Diemon crew emcee before... More
Posted on Jul 31, 2012
John Anthony - Wait Up Artwork
Song: Wait Up
Southern newcomer John Anthony just doesn’t know how to take it slow. With previous releases Drugs and Swats still looming large in the rearview, Anthony is right back at it with new feature Wait Up. Produced by fellow... More
Posted on Jul 24, 2012
John Anthony - Swats Artwork
Song: Swats
While the rest of the game is chasing a trend, John Anthony knows that the way to truly stand out is to say whatever is on your mind - no matter how twisted your mind is. Coming off the DJBooth-approved Drugs, new cut Swats... More
Posted on Jul 17, 2012
John Anthony - Drugs Artwork
Song: Drugs
Winners don’t do Drugs—or do they? John Anthony‘s love for narcotics certainly hasn’t hurt his mic-rocking abilities, if the Southern emcee’s latest single and first Booth feature is any... More
Posted on Jan 24, 2012