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Joey Fatts ft. ASAP Rocky - Keep It G Pt. 2 Artwork
Artist: Joey Fatts
Featuring: A$AP Rocky
Joey Fatts may have been gangster straight out the womb, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to Keep It G later in life. On his latest mixtape single, Part 2 of a jam that, to my knowledge, has not been... More
Posted about 6 months ago
Joey Fatts - Tookie Artwork
Artist: Joey Fatts
Song: Tookie
A co-founder of the West Side Crips, Stanley “Tookie” Williams was controversially executed in 2005 for his alleged role in a 1979 quadruple murder. Gone he may be, but he hasn’t been forgotten, as evidenced by the... More
Posted 8 months ago
ASAP Rocky ft. A$ton Matthews & Joey Fatts - R. Cali Artwork
Artist: A$AP Rocky
Featuring: Joey Fatts | A$ton Matthews
Song: R. Cali
Thus far, I’ve managed to restrain myself from copping Grand Theft Auto V. I’m gonna play it, no doubt, but right now I don’t have 60 bucks and 40-plus hours to burn. Now that it’s begun to take over... More
Posted one year ago
Joey Fatts ft. A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown - Choppa Artwork
Artist: Joey Fatts
Featuring: A$AP Rocky | Danny Brown
Song: Choppa
Joey Fatts may be a new face in the Booth but, assuming that birds of a feather flock together, a glance at the feature lineup on Choppa should be enough to turn your average Booth reader into a fan. Of course—to bust out a... More
Posted one year ago
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